Kathy Ireland Poster Beds

Interested in buying a Kathy Ireland poster bed? Explore the wonderful variety of special poster beds from Kathy Ireland…

Kathy Ireland poster beds have a magic profile that makes a great addition to any room. The wide variety of designs makes a strong visually appealing statement. If you are looking to create an imposing presence then Kathy Ireland beds have exactly that to offer.

Some of the interesting varieties of Kathy Ireland poster beds are as follows:

Standard Sorrento Poster Bed

This Kathy Ireland poster bed has an incredibly strong and commanding presence. At the same time it has a touch of delicacy with intricate scroll and woodwork. The thick boxed feet give it style and sturdiness. The head and foot board are large and given an impressive dark finish that is bound to last for years to come.

The Sorrento poster bed is made from various select wood products simulated with wood grain laminates. It also features ornate iron grills. Painted in an Abby wood and Olympus brown color it is easy to clean and is bound to last for years to come.

Standard Camp Forest Poster Bed

This particular poster bed takes its inspiration from Cap Cod cottage and hidden lake bungalows. It is a timeless classic piece of furniture that will always work for the children. The bed features quality veneers over wood frames with the side panels made of wood and over wood products. The case backs for this bed are flush mounted. The essence of the inspiration is captured by the light pine color that gives it a refined woodsy feel. The bed also sports sturdy square posts with New England style blanket rail turnings that work to accent the head and foot boards. The bed boarding is perhaps the most attractive element of the design. The bed has specifically been given rounded corners which is a safety feature for the kids. This twin poster bed has the ability to grow with your child.

Kathy Ireland Home by Standard Diana Poster Bed

This special themed poster bed is the ultimate Victorian retreat for your little princess. The charming bed has a country white finish with Victorian style overlays adding grace all over. The bed has an overwhelmingly soft and feminine feel yet the bed is raised off the floor by feet. You have the option of purchasing additional canopy frames and a canopy to create a complete princess look for the bed. The bed features profile toe plates which compliment the over all feel.

Standard Meadow Gardens Poster Beds

This is another classic poster bed from Kathy Ireland that is modeled around the classic Cape Cod cottage feel. Your child’s room will get a feel of a weekend retreat. Flush mounted case backs and a nice summer white color give the bed an airy feel. The surfaces are easy to clean and each piece of the bed is sturdy to last you many years to come. Rounded corners have been incorporated into the design to keep it safe for children.

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