3rd Model Colt Dragoon Pistol Markings Made In Italy

Interested in 3rd model colt dragoon pistol markings made in Italy? Learn to identify 3rd model colt dragoon pistols markings made in Italy…

If you want to purchase the 3rd model Colt Dragoon pistol with markings made in Italy you must be careful to identify what the markings are. Without this, it would be impossible to identify the original pistol by manufacturers of authentic third model colt Dragoon pistols. Now, if you are looking at the manufacturing facilities of colt pistols, then they are located at West Hartford CT. and you can get a lot of information from them.

Italian Subcontractors for Rough Castings

However, the Colt used subcontractors for supplying the rough castings for the manufacture of these pistols, which use black powder. During the time period of 1971 to 1982, many Italian subcontractors were utilized for the purpose of creating rough castings. The reproductions were then finished at the facilities in the US. During the period of 1971 to 1973 there were two subcontractors known as the Navy Arms and Val Forgett, who were commissioned to create these rough castings.

After this, the supplier Lou Imperato was commissioned from the years 1974 through 1976. During this entire time period the pistols were finished in the United States under the supervision and experience of the manufacturers of Colt to ensure that the pistols conform to their standards of manufacturing. This is why it is imperative to check 3rd model Colt Dragoon pistol markings made in Italy.

From the years of 1978 to 1982 Lou Imperato was still commissioned as an Italian subcontractor. However, an additional subcontractor based in Middlesex, New Jersey was also taken on board and the manufacturing unit was known by the name of Iver Jonhnson Arms.

The revolvers produced by Iver Johnson included the screws, center pins and the frames along with the nipples manufactured in the United States of America. The specifications and quality control was supposed to match Colts requirements which were passed only after a final inspection.

Any of the 3rd model Colt Dragoon pistol manufactured during the period of 1971 until 1982 is considered an authentic Colt pistol and cannot be classified as replicas of Italy.

3rd Model Colt Dragoon Pistol Marking Made In Italy

The third model Dragoon was crafted in the year 1974, after being reintroduced in this year, but was discontinued by the end of 1976. In fact you cannot find them listed in the Colt catalog and pricelist of the year 1977. The third model Colt Dragoon followed the highly esteemed “C” series. This pistol was known for its royal blue finish which was very beautiful and lustrous. The serial number for this third model Colt Dragoon pistol ranges from 20901 till 25099 and is clearly marked on the pistol.

The third generation black powder models manufactured by Colt are also known as the signature series models. The third-generation models bear the signature of Sam Colt on the back strap, but this is missing on the heirloom Tiffany 1860 Army pistol as well as the Texas Paterson manufactured in 1842.

You must be aware that even if the Colt were one of the pieces subcontracted in Italy, it would have no foreign markings on it and you will simply look for the original barrel address, strap signature as well as the stamping of the serial number. There was a strict check on the number of Colts crafted and this was done under licensing agreement with the subcontractors who were authorized by the Colt Black Powder Arms Company.

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