Breckenridge Altitude Facts

Breckenridge is a premier US destination for ski vacations. Before booking your accomodation make sure you learn a thing or two about the altitude of Breckenridge and what that means for your health…

At 5,280 feet, Denver may be the mile high city, but the town of Breckenridge altitude level is 9600 making it more than half a mile higher than Denver. The location of Breckenridge is considered a high alpine elevation and visitors from less lofty cities may find themselves afflicted with altitude sickness. During the month of July, the average high temperature is only 73 degrees and the valley basin is frost free for only thirty days of the year. At high altitudes the air is thinner and drier and average temperatures are lower.

Breckenridge Resort Altitude

The base level altitude at Breckenridge Ski Resort is also 9600 feet, but it soars to over 13,000 feet on some of the ski slopes. The resort encompasses four adjacent peaks of the Ten Mile Mountain Range with peak 10 being the southernmost peak of the resort. It boasts the highest ski lift in North America and has good beginner ski runs on the lower slopes. Higher elevations are mostly expert with some good intermediate runs on Peak 9 and Peak 8.

Breckenridge Village Altitude

Breckenridge village is located about 12 miles south of the town of Breckenridge up Hoosier Pass. While the town of Breckenridge altitude is about 9600, the village is at an even higher altitude of 11,000 feet. The village consists of mostly vacation homes but has some year round residents. The extreme elevation of the village gives residents spectacular vistas of the area from their homes. The area has vacation activities for all seasons making it an ideal location for a second home.

Breckenridge Peak 7,8,9,10 Altitude

The highest of the Breckenridge peaks is 10 which towers at  13,633 feet. Peak 9 is 13,195 and peak 8 is 12,987. Peak 7 is currently the shortest peak at 12,655 feet, but the Breckenridge resort is considering expansion to peaks 6 and 5. Peak 6 is the shortest of the 10 numbered peaks at 12,573 feet, and peak 5 is 12,855. Local residents oppose the expansion of Breckenridge resort which would encroach into wilderness areas of peak 5 and 6 and would entail cutting a large number of mountain pine trees. Colorado forests are currently experiencing a major mountain pine beetle epidemic and healthy forests are prized.

Altitude Motorsports Breckenridge

Motorsports are available during all seasons in Breckenridge and include all terrain vehicles, ATVs, motorcycles and snowmobiles. Breckenridge resort has an outdoor education center that focuses on disabled people with skiing and motorsports. Rental vehicles are available through the resort and through a number of local businesses, some of which also provide guided tours of the area. Off road sports are very popular, but it is recommended that individuals who are not familiar with the area consult a guide for advice.

Breckenridge Altitude in Meters

Since the United States is one of only a handful of countries still using the old English measuring system, the altitudes of various places are provided in feet for visitors to Breckenridge. The town of Breckenridge and the resort are at an altitude of about 2926 meters. Peak 10, the tallest peak, is about 4155 meters and the village of Breckenridge is at an elevation of about 3353 meters. Denver is at an elevation of more than a kilometer and a half and Breckenridge is at an altitude of nearly 3 kilometers above sea level.

Visitors from lower altitudes may suffer from altitude sickness caused by the thinner, drier air and lower air pressure at these altitudes. Visitors should make preparations in advance to avoid altitude sickness and should be familiar with remedies for the condition.

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