African American Children Hairstyles

It is important to find suitable African American children hairstyles for active and carefree kids. Most African American mothers find it difficult to style the hair of their children because it is usually brittle and coarse, however, there are a var

Cropped Hair and Medium Curls

The cropped hair and medium curls are the two most popular African American children hairstyles for boys. Boys love running around and playing outdoor games or sports. So, they need a hairstyle that will keep tidy no matter what. Cropped hair can be styled in different ways and in different shapes. For instance, if your child has an oval face, a boxy shape of cropped hairstyle will look good on him.

For boys who do not want to have a cropped hairdo, medium curls are the best alternative. The hair of your child will not be as short as the cropped hairdo but it will be enough to keep his hair from getting to his face. However, this type of hairstyle should be well-maintained by using a conditioner to keep the hair from getting tangled.


One of the most common African American children hairstyles are cornrows. This type of hairstyle is similar to braids but it can be styled in various ways. To make cornrows more interesting, you can create different patterns on your child’s hair. These patterns could be in zigzag, curved and spiral. In addition, it is also easy to maintain.

Another way to style your child’s hair is by doing partial cornrows. This is done by creating cornrows from the front going all the way to the mid-section of the hair. The back of the hair is either pulled into a ponytail or tied up. Accessories can be used to add more flair to your child’s hair. This hairstyle is great for both young girls and boys.


One of the easiest African American children hairstyles is the twist. This is a great alternative for braids. Aside from the fact that it is easy and simple to do, it does not require much maintenance and can be accessorized with cute ribbons, pins and bows. Your child will definitely look cute and clean with this style of hair. Twist hairstyle can be done in different ways.
One way to do the twist hairstyle is to pull your child’s hair in a ponytail and twist the end of the ponytail upwards. Secure the hair using colorful hair accessories. Another way is to get sections of your child’s hair, twist each section and fasten with cute clips. If you do not have enough time to style your child’s hair, you can go for this type of hairstyle.

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