Black Italian Shoes

Do you want to know about the outfit that would be best suited for a pair of black Italian shoes? Do you own a pair of black Italian shoes but do not know how to match it with the clothes in your wardrobe? Read our informative and factual guide…

There is something very attractive about a man who steps out with a sheer look of confidence; elegance exuding from his neatly coiffured hair to the tips on his custom-made Italian shoes, it bespeaks of a man of power who knows what his strengths are.

Gentleman, your shoes play a big role in creating the overall impact that is a reflection of your personality. Remember, the look they created for Richard Gere in Pretty Woman? Fortunately, choosing the right shoes to go with your outfit is not exactly rocket science. Here are some basic colors that you should have in your shoe wardrobe and some special shades that can add zest to outfits of certain colors and can create the perfect look for special occasions.

Then most common and popular shade of shoe color is of course black and with good reason. After all, black Italian shoes look fantastic and can be coupled with just about any attire in any shade. The leather used in the manufacture of black Italian shoes is usually a fine grain material that looks fabulous with suits of any color and also dress trousers in a variety of shades.

If you already own a pair of well made black Italian shoes; the next acquisition to consider would be brown shoes. Now, unlike black Italian shoes, you will have a myriad of shades to choose from when it comes to brown shoes; from the warmer tones that go well with khakis, brown slacks and even tans to the chestnut which is a darker, richer shade of brown. This one can be matched with tweed, silk or woven fabrics in earthy tones; the leather used in the manufacture of chestnut colored shoes usually resembles a deep wood grain tone.

White is another color that simply cannot be ignored when talking about the basics of men’s shoe wardrobes. Although less common, you can reserve a well-made pair of Italian shoes in white for special occasions. White shoes can really set off a well made Italian suit; this one can make a statement. Try using a white shoe with an all-white suit with just the dress shirt in a darker color to create an elegant yet stunning effect. While black and white coordinated shoes are a thing of the past for most Americans; they are still a big hit across the Atlantic particularly with pin stripes.

On the other hand if you are looking for shades which will certainly make heads turn, consider purchasing burgundy or even Oxblood to your shoe collection. These shades go very well when paired with a burgundy toned tie, belt etc and also with earth tone suits.

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