Marginated Tortoise For Sale In Southern California

Looking for Marginated Tortoise for Sale in Southern California? Learn more about the many vendors selling different types of marginated Tortoise in Southern California…

Marginated Tortoises are exceptionally popular in Southern California. It is possible to get baby Leopard Tortoises for a reasonable price from different vendors. It is important to find the right vendor because otherwise you might be duped into buying a more expensive pair rather than being charged the actual price. These beautiful marginated tortoises normally average 2.5″ when you measure its straight length.

Most vendors keep them outdoors in the full sunshine. It is possible to get them shipped into Southern California or different states when you purchase from a reputable vendor.

Specific Requirements of the Tortoise

The species thrives best in a warm area that has no humidity. High humidity makes them struggle with a lot of breathing issues. The turtle is fed grass, dandelion greens and leafy weeds whenever they feel like eating. The plants are placed in the enclosures with the reptiles.

The active tortoise can be shipped across the country as required, and shipping charges are additional to the purchase price. Shipping charges would cost an approximate $50 according to the UPS rates, in addition to the purchase price.

The marginated tortoise for sale in Southern California is kept in spacious outdoor accommodation. Most of the vendors build them on their own requirement.

High Prices Due to Low Availability

Tortoise imports have been banned into the United States over the past couple of years. This has led to an increase in the price of the reptile. Therefore, it is essential to use the right vendor who can provide you a good species that is healthy and will grow into a healthy reptile with the proper care.

The high-quality reptile is also guaranteed by most of the vendors for up to three days from arrival at the destination. The reptile comes with a guarantee when it is sold. Imperfect animals are not sold and there are different terms and conditions along with guarantees offered by vendors. You should go for a vendor is providing these guarantees.

American Captive Bred Marginated Tortoise

There are also captive bred ones known as the yellow foot that are available for sale in Southern California. These can range between 4.5″ and 5.5″ straight length. Generally housed in full sunshine outdoors throughout the year, these turtles grow up to be exceptionally beautiful. They come with a parasite free stomach and are American captive bred. They do not have pyramiding and have very smooth and clean shells. You can also feed greens, fruits and vegetables a few times every week.

Another type of marginated tortoise for sale in Southern California is the Redfoot Tortoise that is also captive bred. It feeds on protein, vegetables and greens, along with fruit. It is generally shipped in an insulated box that is equipped with heat packs, if required. Another style of the marginated tortoise includes the Cherry-Head Marble Redfoot Tortoise.

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