Famous Italian Desserts

Looking for famous Italian dessert recipes? Want to know what desserts are most famous in Italy? Here we’ve chosen some of the most famous Italian desserts for you to enjoy.

Mention Italian foods and chances are you will think of spaghetti, lasagna or pizza. While it’s true these are the most famous Italian dishes known around the world, that doesn’t mean that Italian desserts are any less delicious than Italian main courses. In fact, the Italians have a long and proud history of making some of the most exquisite and mouth watering desserts known to man. You ma have heard of some famous desserts before and even tried them, but you didn’t know they were Italian. Below we’ve mentioned just a few of the most famous Italian desserts.

Famous Italian Desserts: Tiramisu

Tiramisu is perhaps the most famous Italian dessert, made with ladyfingers, coffee and mascarpone cheese.  There are today many variations of this famous Italian dessert with many people including chocolate in the recipe while others put in grappa.  There are many other less famous dessert dishes in Italy which are equally as tasty however, like crostoli and fritole which are usually prepared and eaten during Carnival.  Other famous Italian desserts include salame al cioccolato which is made using shortbread biscuits, figs and cocoa and rolled into the shape of a salami.

Famous Italian Desserts: Amaretto Truffles

Truffles are a natural delicacy in Italy that are highly sought after and can fetch very high prices indeed. This famous Italian dessert recipe, although named after truffles and shaped somewhat like a truffle does not actually contain any trufles but is in fact a chocolate based dessert that is mixed with egg yolk and rolled into small balls before being coated in almond flakes and chilled before serving.

Biscotti: Famous Italian Dessert

Biscotti is perhaps one of the most famous Italian desserts and in fact is the general name given to any type of cake or biscuit like dessert that is baked using a specific process involving two baking sessions to dry the dessert out before serving. In different parts of Italy, biscotti are prepared or flavored differently. In Tuscany they are usually eaten for dessert with vin santo, although elsewhere biscotti are considered an essential part of visiting the coffee bar.  There are literally dozens of different types of biscotti including everything from cherries, to oranges to nuts and chocolate. The hard texture of biscotti makes the cookie perfect for dipping in coffee, tea, hot chocolate or wine.

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