China Doll Tree

Interested in the China doll tree? Find out about this popular houseplant native to the country of China…

The china doll tree is an upright columnar bush native to the regions of China and India. It is also found in parts of the Philippines and Java. It is a popular houseplant that is easily available at the nursery. The bush from of the plant ranges between three to four inches where as the larger china doll plant can grow up to ten inches.

Although the china doll tree does not have flowers blossoming upon it, the rich green foliage with its glossy looks and delicate appearance lends it exclusiveness making it a popular houseplant. Known as Radermacher Sinica in the study of botany, this particular plant can grow just fine in normal indoor temperatures.

Caring for your china doll tree

Individuals interested in keeping a china doll plant in their houses need to know a thing or two about taking care of the tree. As you bring home a compact china doll plant from the nursery you will find it to sprout and become leggy in a short time as the growth regulator gradually wears off. Once it does so you can perform a trimming job to give it the cut you prefer.

Once the amount of foliage on the plant has reduced the water supply should also be straightened. When new foliage starts to grow again the water supply should be increased accordingly. Rooting the cuttings of the plant is next to impossible. You would be much better off just adding the roots to the compost pile instead.

Choosing the ideal location

Owners of this delicate houseplant need to make sure it receives a good amount of direct sunlight. The china doll tree requires a healthy amount of direct light throughout its life. Hence it must be placed in a position that is just shy of the sun for best results. Greenhouse and heated sunrooms are great locations to place the china doll tree as well.

Watering the china doll tree

The china doll tree should be checked for water three times during a week. With the passage of time you will better be able to understand the plant’s water requirements. In general the soil must be kept moist consistently. Occasionally it should be allowed to dry out almost completely so as to destroy any lingering fungus gnats. It is important to bar any attempts of fungus gnats making a home in the moist soil of the pot as this could damage the tree’s health and result in foliage shedding.

When you do water the china doll tree, make sure you do it with a free hand. Water it enough to let the excess drain out of the holes at the bottom of the pot. In order to prevent root rot however you need to make sure you wipe the excess water from the drip. You can enhance the china doll tree’s health by making use of a special houseplant fertilizer during the growing stages. Once the plant reaches a stagnant full growth stage the use of fertilizer should be restricted to twice a month.

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