Gehl 5640 Italy

Want to buy Gehl 5640 Italy 64? Read on for facts and info on this heavy duty agricultural and construction equipment manufactured by the Gehl Company…

Gehl Company is a manufacturer of heavy-duty equipment based in the United States. It was founded by four brothers back in 1859 and is today considered to be the pioneer brand for agricultural and construction equipment.

Amongst the different categories of heavy equipment produced by Gehl are its highly versatile and extremely powerful loaders. The 5640 Italy loader from Gehl Company in particular is extremely popular amongst construction and agricultural industries. There are a number of things that make this particular loader from the company special.

Gehl 5640 Features

First of all it is fitted with a number of different construction tools which include a grapple bucket, stump bucket, and a 93-inch tooth bucket as well as five foot pallet forks. Keeping in mind that this loader has been made according to the high standards set by the company over the years one can only imagine the kind of powerful performance that it will be able to deliver. The heavy-duty equipment is unparalleled in terms of its power, yet at the same time it is extremely easy to handle and has a very smooth operation. On the field, as well as on the construction site, it has been observed to complete a variety of jobs that other similar machinery could just not perform.
Even when compared to machines from renowned brands such as New Holland and Bobcat, the Gehl 5640 Italy is unmatched for its performance. The Gehl 5640 has the potential to lift up to 7000 pounds at one point of time. This makes it a lot stronger and more versatile than other equipment in this category.

Gehl 5640 Italy Drawbacks

Despite its powerful performance, the Gehl 5640 Italy does have a few drawbacks. Its primary weakness is a poor electric make up which leads to frequent electrical problems. The heavy-duty machinery is embedded with an electric motor on the power quick attach. For a machine this size, the motor has to bear a lot of pressure and hence gives way sooner or later. Owners of the heavy-duty loader have had to replace the electric motor with a manual one after repeated failures. Another drawback of this loader is the fact that once it breaks down it takes a long time to repair as not every other mechanic can work on Gehl equipment.

Final Thoughts on Gehl 5640

Users of this heavy-duty machine still vote in favor of it primarily because of its high power and versatile nature. Not only can you use this machine to perform multiple tasks which would otherwise require you to obtain different equipment, rather it can help you to perform all your jobs more quickly. Hence with this machine in your possession you will be able to do twice the work in a single day’s time

With multiple parts and a powerful performance along with the ease of use, the Gehl 5640 Italy is also highly affordable and this makes it a great investment for construction and agricultural purposes.

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