Italian Baby Names

Having a baby? Congratulations! Looking for a suitable Italian name for your baby boy or girl? Our guide to Italian baby names gives you information on some of the most common names and where they get their meaning from.

The name you give your new born is sort of like a title that will remain with him throughout his life. In fact even death does not strip an individual from the name that his parents give him at birth. When he is remembered, he is remembered with the name that he got at birth. Our name is the title we respond to and in this way it forms part of our identity. People often form perceptions about a person based on his name and this can be both good and bad. Italian names have drawn world wide attention because of the way they sound. They make the individual sound unique and seem to carry a profound meaning even to those who are unaware of the language.

Roots of Italian Names

The Italian names we get to hear often have their roots in many different things ranging from places, historical events, colors, plants to ancient mythology. Many Italian names also have religious origins whereas some are based on pure fiction alone. Some of the names we get to hear have a great history behind them and may therefore hold great significance in the eyes of those aware of the history of the origin of the name. The names obviously vary in meaning and one must beware of going only with the sound of the name. This is because an Italian baby name may sound really cute but may have a meaning quite the contrary. With patience and research you will able to find the perfect Italian name that sounds good and has a good meaning as well.

Religious Italian Baby Names

It is interesting to note that the Church has had a great influence on the baby names of the Italians. This is because they actively encouraged people to name their children after the important religious figures and biblical characters. This naming of babies in connection with the bible was however restricted to the New Testament and Saint’s. It was not until much later in the 18th century that people started taking out names from the Old Testament as well. Through tracing back this history we find the actual origin for Italian names were from the Latin, Hebrew and Greek languages. This is not to say that all Italian baby names originate from the same source. Many names have been recently created and others take from the elements of nature hence you have a wide variety of choices when it comes to baby names.

Popular Italian Baby Names

Uberto, Ugo, Taddeo, Giacobbe, Giacomo, Tancredo and Santo are some of the commonly used Italian baby names for boys. When it comes to baby names for girls Amadora, Delanna, Esta, Felice, Bianca, Carmela, Gianna and Immacolata are some often heard of names. You can easily check out the entire data bank for Italian names on the internet. Not only will you be able to find suitable baby names for boys and girls some websites will even give you their meanings and origins. This can greatly help one make the right choice of names for their children.

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