Italian Boot Makers, Designers & Brands

Are you interested in finding out about some of the most famous Italian boot makers, designers and brands? Then, read our factual and informative guide…

Many people have heard the story of the wealthy Englishman who would make his butler break in his leather shoes. Few of us have the luxury of having a butler catering to every one of our whims and fancies.  Even if you do have somebody to assist you with your household chores, chances are that he/she may not be particularly keen on developing blisters on their feet just so you can wear your leather shoes comfortably.

Fortunately if you are purchasing the creation of Italian boot makers, designers & brands, you will not have to use such drastic measures. Why, you ask? Because quite simply, the Italians are the masters of the fine art of shoe making. There is a reason why almost every person who enjoys a classy pair of shoes or is just looking to make a fashion statement has at least one offering from  major Italian boot designers in his/her wardrobe.

Italian shoes are manufactured through the use of the finest and softest leather that not only offers comfort to the wearer but is also incredibly durable despite  its soft texture. The material is easy to adapt into without punishing your feet and there is no uncomfortable breaking in process involved when enjoying your latest Italian conquest.

The Le Marche region is home to some of the most famous Italian boot brands. Situated in central Italy along the Adriatic Coast; is Mother Nature’s very own playing ground with verdant opulence and crystal blue waters surrounding the region. It is no wonder than that some of the best shoes in the world come from this region, after all the beauty of the Le Marche is inspiring in itself. If you are on a vacation to Italy, you simply cannot miss paying this area a visit.  While there, you will find several factory outlets that are locally known as spacci aziendali.

If you are interested in adding to your shoe collection, here is a list of some popular factory outlets in the region that you definitely must visit.

Santoni: If you are looking for classic hand made Italian shoes, this is the shop to visit.

Hogan: Not far behind is the factory outlet of Hogan, a popular manufacturer of designer shoes and boots made to perfection.

Tods: For consumers who are interested in Italian car shoes and loafers, Tods, offers a stunning range of comfortable footwear that is modern, clean and creative.

Roberto Botticelli: They are the manufacturers of fine quality classic Italian shoes and boots.

Prada: This is a hard to miss name if you are a fashion addict; the good news is that you get their celebrated designs for almost half the price of what you would pay in one of the upscale stores of London or New York.

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