Italian Chef Schools

In love with Italian cooking? Want to pursue a career as an Italian chef? Enroll in an Italian chef school and make your dreams come true. Find out how in our information guide to Italian chef training courses.

Italian chef schools have become more popular than ever. It is easy to understand; every one simply adores Italian food. There are various Italian chef schools imparting traditional and contemporary recipes and cooking techniques in Italy as well as all around the world.

Italian Food

Spices, herbs, colours and flavors…. This is what Italian food is all about. Italian food has another special ingredient that makes you so in love with it. It has a special richness that makes you feel so pampered and taken care of. Freshness is another secret; from farm fresh vegetables to fresh home made pasta, Italians have a habit of using the freshest food items and it makes their cuisine worth trying.

Popular Italian Dishes

Italians have introduced so many dishes that are now well loved throughout the world. These include pizzas, pastas with different delicious sauces, raviolis, lasagne, risotto, polenta and many more.

Italian Chef Schools in Italy

The Italian chef schools in Italy teach at all levels. From beginners to experienced chefs, all can join to learn the art of Italian cooking in true Italian surroundings. Different regions of Italy offer a diverse and different form of cooking using traditional techniques and fresh local ingredients. The Italian chef schools not only teach how to make great food that looks tastes and smell simply divine, but they also teach what wine should be coupled with what food. Here are the more important schools organized by cities.

Florence: Florence probably has the largest number of chef’s schools. Scuola di Arte Culinaria Cordon Bleu, Instituto Italiano, Accademia Europea di Firenze and Tolomie Cultural Institute are only a few.
Tuscany:  Tuscan food has a large fan following as the regional food of Tuscany has an amazing taste. Scuola di cucina di Lella Cesari Ciampi and Borgo Bernardini Lucca are the more famous ones.
Rome: Rome also offers a number of chef’s schools which are for the experienced as well as the Italian food lovers wishing to cook at home.
Apart from these cities, several chef schools are operating through out the country particularly concentrating in Sicily, Sardinia, Marche and Campania.

Italian Chef Schools Outside Italy

The ever rising popularity of Italian cuisine has made it necessary to have Italian chef schools even outside Italy. There are a number of Italian chef schools all around the world that teach and train people wishing to have a career in restaurants as Italian chefs. Some important ones are: Italian Culinary Academy (operating both in New York and Italy), culinary arts Italian program at George Brown College and many more. Some Italian chef schools are even awarding degrees on online corresponding courses. Even if you are not aspiring to be an Italian chef, do join these schools to delight your self and family with the lovely Italian food.

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