Italian Easter Cake

Looking to try out a new cake recipe? Dig into the specs about the Italian specialty cake from its traditional Easter celebrations.

Over the years there have been many good things that Italy has revealed to the world. Amongst them is its wonderful cuisine that is the worlds most favorite ‘eat out’ food. The extensive cuisine of Italy has made a mark on the restaurant trends in the world. The Italians love to eat and their favorite way to celebrate is by eating lots of good food. This is the reason why they have a special holiday cuisine for each holiday of the year under the umbrella of Italian cuisine at large. Amongst the specific holiday cuisines is that of Easter and within the Easter holiday cuisine is a very special item which is the Italian Easter cake.

The city that brought you pizza brings you another tasty treat from the age old traditions of Italy. Easter celebrations in Italy were celebrated in full bloom and still are celebrated with quite fervor. Whether it is a religious fervor or the passion to eat good food is questionable but it sure seems like the Italians are in it for the food. The particular version of the Italian Easter cake that originates from Naples is known as “Pastiera Napoletana” and has some very unique ingredients that make it a strange yet delicious cake.

Making the Cake

Basically what you have to do is focus on getting the taste right. You can serve it in the form of small muffins or a big cake and this aspect is totally up to you. The main idea is to learn how to make it the way the Italians do. Amongst the things that you will need is the standard cake making items such as butter, flour, powdered sugar, salt, eggs and corn. Apart from these items you will also need some white almond extract, vanilla powder, some ricotta cheese and candied orange. Cinnamon, orange flower water and vanilla essence are also things that you will be using in the preparation of the Italian Easter cake.

Making the cake is a relatively easy process. You will be starting off with making the pasta frolla for which you will put everything inside a big bowl. Specifically speaking you will be mixing butter, salt, sugar, almond and the eggs together. When the mixture is ready add some flour and vanilla after which you should refrigerate it for half a day. Next up is the making of the dough for which you will put the ricotta cheese together with the eggs, powdered sugar, some essence, candied orange and corn. The next step depends upon whether you are looking to make small muffins or a large cake and you will have to use an appropriate dish for the specific form that you want them in. You will lay out the pasta frolla first and pour in the cake mould to which you will add the dough and a little bit of pasta frolla on the top. Now bake it for about 20 minutes and your Italian style Easter cake is ready to enjoy.

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