Beethoven Virus Korean Movie

Interested in the unique Beethoven Virus Korean movie? Learn more about the Korean movie Beethoven Virus, which focuses on two retired musicians and their move back into a mainstream orchestra…

The Korean movie Beethoven Virus follows a unique storyline and was extremely popular in Korea and the rest of the world. This program focuses on the lives of two musicians who had experienced successful and independent music careers.

However, for their own individual reasons they are forced to join together and perform brilliantly under the watchful eye and demands of a music conductor who is considered a genius in his own right. Their aim is to perform brilliant musical compositions by creating an orchestra. They’re determined to achieve this goal against all kinds of adversity and this is the main storyline that the plot unfolds beautifully.

Role of the Characters in the Beethoven Virus Korean Movie

The demanding requirements of the orchestra as well as the desire to push their bar of standards higher and higher take their toll on these two musicians but they persevere by striving to pursue their dream and to achieve something great by focusing on the music that they love the most.

A combination of different age groups, three young and old people with different backgrounds and life experiences along with their distinct personalities are portrayed as playing against each other to pursue and achieve a common dream.

While their personalities constantly clash and their beliefs differ from each other, it is through their passion, sheer talent and dedication that they learn to respect each other.
This leads them to a point where each gains the respect of the other musician and finds it in their heart to accommodate each other despite their differences.

Background of The Characters and Actors in The Movie

The role of the hero is performed by Korean actor Kim Myeong-min who acts the part of Kang “Ma-ae” Gun-woo in this movie. The Korean actor is 42 years of age and is nicknamed Ma-ae or the maestro.

This character is depicted with a large ego, which makes him function as an elitist who never settles for anything less than the best. Considering himself superior to everyone else, he does not bother to socialize or mix with others.

This attitude propels him to unmatched success and he is considered a legendary musician in the Korean music scene. However he is often referred to as the “Orchestra Killer” to indicate his fearsome reputation.

The female lead is played by actress Lee Ji-ah, who takes on the role of the 27-year-old Durumi. She plays a talented first violinist and an orchestra conductor. She passionately follows her inner desires and is committed to achieving the best with an optimistic outlook on life.

She is portrayed as a tomboy with a totally carefree attitude. However, if one were to see her playing the violin on stage as part of the orchestra, the person would likely be thoroughly stunned and mesmerized by her performance.

With her pale white skin and shiny, long black hair, which is poker straight, she puts on a black silk dress to perform on stage. Totally enthralled by her music with her eyes half closed, Durumi focuses on delivering a performance straight from her heart.

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