Fuerteventura Dolphin Boat Trips

Are you planning a holiday to Fuerteventura? If interested in some of the activities on offer read our guide for more information…

Being an island, there are numerous water activities available to guests. One of the most popular are the dolphin boat trips. These are a good option if travelling with children. Below is some information on the dolphin boat trips on offer.

These are also known as dolphin safaris in which passengers catch boat which sails with dolphins in the ocean water. The boat does stop to allow those who are interested in getting in the water and swimming with the dolphins. The cost involved includes the boat trip, the snorkelling equipment, as well as food and refreshments during the trip. It costs 60 Euros for adults, and 30 Euros for children, per trip.

These tours take place on the northern coast of the island. The boat trips are available daily. Bookings can be done from most hotels, or can be caught in the Corralejo harbour. Other parts of the island in which one can catch one of these dolphin safaris are Caleta de Fuste and Morro Jable.

Other Activies

Dolphin boat trips, or dolphin safaris, is not the only at sea activity available on the island of Fuerteventura. There is also diving, deep sea fishing, sailing, kayaking and snorkelling.

Deep Sea Fishing

You can catch one of the fishing boats off the Corralejo harbour everyday, except for Sunday. This gives you the experience of fishing with professional fishermen. These excursions last for 5 hours, and beneficial because they are led by professionals who know the best fishing spots around the island. This is an acitivity that can be enjoyed by the entire family, and people of all ages.

The price for this varies by the boat, and by the fishers and people who are just accompanying them, but expect to pay around 60Euros per adult though. You can make an advanced booking through www.fuerteventura.com. The price includes all equipment, a snack and refreshments, and insurance.


Because Fuerteventura is a volcanic island, there are many incredible diving sites to be explored. There are options for beginners who still need training, and options for the most experienced divers. Diving tours are available through the Dive Center Corralejo and Abyss Dive Center. The Deep Blue Diving Center provides training and diving tours for handicapped people. These companies provide all the equipment necessary.

Fuerteventura provides some of the best diving experiences in the Canary Islands, and expect to see different kinds fish, angel sharks, turtles and rays. The best diving sites in Fuerteventura are off Corralejo and off Caleta De Fuste. For novices the best Fuerteventura diving site is off Morro Jable with a 14 metre depth. Fortunately, it is possible to dive all year round, with warm waters in winter and summer, and good underwater visibility.
Government regulates diving in Fuerteventura very seriously. Visiting divers have to dive with a registered dive center. Also, things like diver insurance and current medical are obligatory.

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