Italian Grey Hound Clubs

Looking for your local Italian greyhound club? Want to know what activities these dog clubs perform? Read on for more facts & information…

Italian grey hounds have been loved for a long time. They are ideal as pets and as companions. Their various qualities have made them popular throughout the world and this has led to the formation of several Italian grey hound clubs all around the world. If you are looking for an Italian grey hound, it is always recommended to read a lot about their traits and habits to see if they are suitable as pets for your life style. For this purpose, it is also a good idea to get your self registered as a member in the nearest Italian grey hound club.

Physical Appearance & Traits

Italian Grey hounds belong to the toy breed group, having a weight of 7-14 lbs and can be 13-15 inches high. They have a very beautiful coat consisting of short and fine hair. Coat colors can be cream, fawn, blue or black.The Italian Grey Hounds are active dogs. They are very sensitive and are a low maintenance breed. They shed little hair and a regular towel wipe is all they need. Their teeth should be brushed regularly; nails clipped once every week and should be protected from cold.This breed is a bit difficult to train, and needs a lot of patience, kindness and love in training. Obedience classes are definitely recommended as this breed has the tendency to become very submissive if corrected in a harsh manner.

Italian Grey Hound Clubs

Due to their immense popularity, several Italian grey hound clubs have been formed. Some main ones are as follows:

Italian Grey Hound Club of America:

It is probably the most important Italian grey hound club throughout the world, having a reputation of being “parent” club specifically for the Italian hounds. It offers vast information about how and where to get your Italian hounds from, various training, grooming and sporting activities for your dog. Apart from these, the club offers rescue operations and health research for Italian grey hounds.

Italian Grey Hound Club of Canada:

The Italian grey hound club of Canada is a member of Canadian kennel club and offers various informative and educational programs for the betterment of Italian grey hounds. It provides various training courses for Italian grey hounds and holds many competitions to exhibit their qualities. It also offers rescue and health facilities.

United Kingdom Italian Grey Hound Society:

This club offers welfare and protective services for Italian grey hounds in U.K. It even offers a helpline for the potential new Italian grey hound owners and provides foster care for the pets, if needed as well.

Italian Grey Hound National Club of Russia:

It mainly holds various Italian grey hound shows to exhibit their physical traits and qualities and offers several sporting activities.

Friends of Italian Grey Hounds, Australia:

This Australian club offers information about the availability and location of Italian grey hounds, about their grooming, sporting activities and health services.

Apart from these, various clubs in Colorado, Finland, Ukraine and many other are also offering various services for the Italian grey hound owners and owners to be. So, if you are planning to get an Italian grey hound, you are bound to get help nearby.

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