Italian Greyhound Breeders in Florida

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Italian Greyhound Breeders

No dog or bitch should be bred before the age of two years. Early detection of potential genetic problems is often impossible without tests. Conditions such as progressive retinal atrophy (PRA), luxated patellas, thyroid problems, and epileptic seizures typically do not appear early in the animal’s lifespan. Two other deadly diseases that are associated with breeding dogs are pyrometria and brucellosis.

You will be required to devote more of your time getting involved with animal care and as a consequence less time for other people. Eclampsia can be developed by a bitch overnight and if you are unaware of the signs, death will inevitably result. The bitch may feel sick after whelping and may vomit anywhere. Puppies need to be fed a special blend of dog food 4 times daily.

Italian greyhounds are not a hardy breed that can be whelped in the garage or outside. Your house will be a nursery for at least 8 weeks and the noise and odor will persist during this time. Some bitches are not good mothers and will abandon their pups and some have been known to kill puppies.

At least $1,000.00 is necessary to cover the basic costs of having a litter. Breeding may bring about some personality changes in your dog. Some females become extremely protective of their pups and a neighborhood kid can be bitten as a result and go through a post-partum depression after the puppies have been taken away. Weight gain can also occur after being bred and the sleek look can suddenly disappear.

The purpose of dog rescue centers in Florida is to help the Italian greyhounds in Florida find their permanent homes to live happily there. Rescue centers always accept owner surrenders, and dogs from shelters. We realize there are many reasons and shortcomings that forces the owners to relinquish their dog to a rescue center, and it is often a difficult decision. Rather than judge you, a good center will try to help ease the transition for the dog, and place him where he will be able to live out the rest of his life with one permanent family.

Italian greyhounds enjoy being in the company of their owner or relaxing in the warm sunlight, but they also enjoy running and exercise in mild weather conditions. Sometimes this breed of dog comes across as overly timid. As the owner of an Italian greyhound it would be your responsibility to train them and make them socialize as much as possible. The Italian Greyhound is an animal that is definitely elegant, intelligent, and full of character and a pleasure to own.

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