Italian Greyhound Characteristics

Thinking of buying an Italian greyhound? Want to know about the unique characteristics that make this breed so special? Read our guide for facts & information…

Since the reduction in the size of the Italian greyhound it has become a popular choice of pets even for people living in apartments. This particular breed with its lean figure is often depicted in fashion shows as it has a long and thin neck that gives it a fashion model sort of look. Over the years the Italian greyhound has enjoyed the life of kings in the royal court houses of Spain and Italy. This is because the unique characteristics of this particular breed had branded it as a companion dog. Many great painters like Boticelli and the like have also depicted the greyhound in their paintings as part of a royal scene. One of the reasons of the admittance of this breed of dog into the courts could be the aristocratic high stepping walk of the little dog.

Physical Charecteristics

The Italian greyhound was known to be a dog of medium size during its days in the palaces. With the progression of time the breed started showing signs of dwarfism as it diminished to about ten inches in height. It was in the 1950’s when the size of the dog began to stabilize and since then it has retained its form and structure which has become the standard for modern times. The stabilized version of the Italian greyhound has an average height of 13-15 inches. The well bred breed has those typical racy lines running down the length of its body. The head is fine and rounded with a set of large and extremely expressive eyes. Just like the orthodox greyhound its Italian counterpart is a very socially active dog. It likes to be around people and loves to be pampered. In terms of its temperament the dog is of a quiet nature and has a gentle personality. It is easy to teach this breed of dog some good manners as well.

Italian Greyhounds & Cold Weather

The bone structure of this small dog is quite fine. This makes the dog very fragile. A slight wrong move, high jump or external pressure could damage the delicate dog and may in some cases even result in death. Due to its delicate physique the dog is vulnerable to be adversely affected by cold weather. Hence in the chilly seasons special care needs to be taken in order to prevent the little dog from getting under the weather. This involves heater facilities when indoor and warm clothing when out for a walk.

Exercise & Injuries

When it comes to potty training of the dog it can be done quite like the manner in which cats are trained to answer the call of nature in their litter box. As it is the dog is almost the size of a big cat. The only difference is that the dog is very delicate. This delicate nature of the dog often makes paranoid owners carry the dog all the time. As a result the dog is deprived of the exercise that is vital for his healthy survival. Avoid letting the Italian greyhound go unrestricted on its explorations because it is fine skinned which makes it liable to get scratches and cuts.

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