Italian Greyhound Names

Just bought an Italian greyhound? Want an authentic yet easy to pronounce name for your pet greyhound? Our guide gives you the facts & information you want…

A potential dog seeker goes through a series of processes which start from searching for which kind of dog he wants. There are many factors that may determine your particular choice of breed of dogs. The exact purpose that you need the dog for is the number one concern. If it’s not for any utility purpose other than personal pleasure then you may well end up buying the Italian greyhound breed. This is because this particular breed of dog can give you no other benefits other than warming your lap. Nonetheless people seek to give these cute little creatures names that are fitting for their character.

Choosing a Name

So what is in a name of a dog? Just like a name of a person can have an effect on his character in the same way a dog’s name can also have a positive or negative influence on the dog’s character. Italian greyhounds are extremely timid and shy dogs which is why most people tend to avoid harsh sounding names which may cause confusion for their dog. Moreover a harsh sounding name would not be in sync with the character of the Italian greyhound. For the dog a harsh sounding name may not necessarily be one that has a harsh meaning, rather a harsh sound to it.

Greyhound Names

The name Aldo meaning rich has a much more soothing effect than a name like Constantine would have. Just like we are able to judge a particular name as harsh or sweet in the same manner the dog will be affected by it as well. It is not necessary that all long Italian names for Italian greyhounds will come across as harsh. Take for example the name Alessandro which is long yet easy on the tongue as well as the ears. Usually though the shorter the name the better it would be for both the one who has to call it out as well as the one whom it is being given to.

Common Italian Greyhound Names

Luckily the Italian vocabulary is rich in producing short and sweet sounding names that can be very befitting for Italian greyhounds. The fact that they have a decent and honorable meaning adds further value to the name. Examples include Bruno meaning brown haired and Carlo which means manly. There are certain names that have meanings relative to a particular personality trait of the dog. There are others that will be singling out one of the hounds physical characteristics. Ettore and Eugenio are amongst the very popular Italian names used for Italian greyhounds. They mean loyal and noble respectively. Another popular Italian greyhound name is Faust which means lucky. Similarly you will be able to find names that are relative to a situation in which the Italian greyhound has been born or may be indicative of the land of its origin. The name Gaetano is indicative of the dog having something to do with Gaete. Primo is another decent Italian dog name that is indicating that the dog is the first born of the batch. When it comes to naming an Italian greyhound one should concentrate more on the sweetness of the sound rather than the actual meaning of the word.

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