Italian Greyhound Personality

Thinking about buying an Italian greyhound? Want to know about their personality and what type of pets they make? read on facts & information…

One of the things that Italy is famous for is a charming little dog known as the Italian greyhound. The dog is known to be a fun loving yet graceful animal. In Europe the Italian greyhound has enjoyed Royal favor as it was a popular choice of dogs in houses of nobles in the 17th century. The dog is available in a variety of coat colors such as fawn, white, mouse and red. Within these colors you will find a wide range of shades. The color of the Italian greyhound seems to have an effect on its personality as well, or so it seems.

Italian Greyhound Personality Traits

Over time this particular species has undergone some physical changes. In the good old days the Italian greyhound used to be relatively larger than the one we find today. Other than the diminished size the Italian greyhound has remained quite the same. Of course the change in size has had a change on the way we perceive the dog’s personality. It seems much more docile and safe to keep around little children as well. In terms of elegance the Italian greyhound stands unparalleled in the world of dogs. The grace factor of this dog is further accentuated when you see it on the move. It is swift on the move yet effortlessly elegant. The Italian greyhound has a unique prancing action that sets it apart from other dogs.

Affectionate Italian Greyhounds

In recent times people have started to cross Italian greyhounds with terriers to produce another different kind of greyhound. But for the old school Italian greyhound lovers the crosses are quite undesirable as they seem to be compromising on the beauty and elegance of the greyhound. The original Italian greyhound has an extremely fragile form. The dog however is not as fragile as it looks although it is an extremely gentle pup. It is a dog that demands affection and likes to be affectionate itself. The delicate dog needs special care in the winter season. He needs a warm place to sleep and if taken out for a walk it needs to be dressed up warmly.

Loyal Companions

If you want to maintain the elegant body of the Italian greyhound you need to make sure it gets enough physical exercise. The other thing to ensure is a staple diet because if your dog gets fat it’s going to lose all its beauty. Loyal it is but its no domestic protector dog. Although endowed with the ability of swift reflexes that would make a sharp watch dog the Italian greyhound has a history of enjoying the life of the palaces. Hence it likes to be in utmost comfort most of the time.

Graceful Features

In terms of its outward appearance the Italian greyhound has a flat skull and very delicate dark colored long and narrow nose. This is coupled with soft and delicate rose shaped ears that are almost touching the back of the head. The large eyes are by far the most expressive feature of the Italian greyhound. Travel down and you find a long and gracefully arched neck that also forms the dog’s personality. It has a set of lean and muscular thighs with long feet. Needless to say the true worth of the dog is only realized when one gets a chance to see it.

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