Festivals in Palermo Italy

Are you going on holiday to Palermo in Italy? Would you like your holiday to coincide with one of the annual festivals in Palermo? Our guide to festivals in Palermo gives you the facts & information you’ll want to know.

U Fistini Festival in Palermo: This festival takes place between the 10th and 15th July and is dedicated to St. Rosalia who is the patron saint of Palermo.  There are generally five days of celebrations including music, dancing and drinking although the formal highlight of the festival is a street procession where the relics of St. Rosalia are paraded through the streets of the city.

Palermo di Scena Festival: This festival is staged through the summer months in Palermo and involves a whole host of various occasions including several musical and theatrical performances as well as cinema screenings.

Autumn Festivals in Palermo Italy

Palermo Puppet Festival: This usually occurs some time in September and involves master puppeteers from across the globe gathering to show off their skills in Palermo for a week.

Winter Festivals in Palermo Italy

One of the biggest and most fun festivals to be a part of in Palermo is the annual Carnival which usually kicks of every February.  This festival is celebrated in the Termini Imeresse suburb of Palermo and involves a musical procession of floats and accompanying revellers dressed in costumes and dancing.

Spring Festivals in Palermo Italy

The main festival celebrated in Palermo during the spring months is Holy week which revolves around Easter and the accompanying days that go with it. This is celebrated all over the island of Sicily where small processions can be seen in most towns.

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