Agua Prieta Sonora Mexico

Going on vacation to Agua Prieta Sonora Mexico? Want to know about travel routes, hotels, restaurants and things to do in Agua Prieta? Our guide to Agua Prieta in Sonora Mexico gives you the facts & information you want to know.

Agua Prieta lies on the border of Mexico and  the United States. The town was founded in the region of Sonora Mexico as a result of the mining and railroad industries. Today, the inhabitants of the Agua Prieta work in factories and on farms.

Agua Prieta Travel Routes

One of the most exciting ways to travel to Agua Prieta Sonora Mexico is by auto along the historic Route 66. Drivers should have valid passports and be willing to allow border patrol to inspect their autos.   Greyhound Bus lines have affordable packages for trips from Douglas, Arizona to Agua Prieta.  The closest airport is in San Carlos so it may be easier to fly to Arizona and then take a bus or drive.

Agua Prieta Hotels

The port of Agua Prieta is considered a “newcomer” in Sonora Mexico.  This is because the city is younger than most other towns in the state. It is also just now seeing the benefits of industrialization.  Aqua Prieta, Sonora Mexico does not have many hotels; but the ones that they do have are good.  The Plaza is the only 5 star hotel in the port city. The cost of a room averages $61.00 (US Dollars). The Plaza is located at Calle 64 7 Ave 1 No. 650.  The Frontera Inn is a 4 star moderately priced hotel. The cost of a room averages $52.00 (US Dollars). Frontera Inn is located at Carr a Janos Ave 42 y 43.  Travelers on a budget may want to consider the san Martin. This is a 3 star hotel. Average rooms cost $28.00 (US Dollars). San Martin is located at Calle 21 Ave. 6 No. 2105.

Food in Agua Prieta

The locals of Agua Prieta Sonora Mexico love to eat at Dana Maria. A favorite dish is boiled pork skins with rice and beans. If you wish to cross the border into Arizona, you may want to try the A. Ave. Café, located at 1202 A. Ave.  Another favorite is Bb Pizza & Grill located at 80 E. 16th St. in Douglas, Arizona

Souvenir Shopping Agua Prieta

Tourists in the Agua Prieta area of Sonora Mexico love to go shopping. Agua Prieta  has an excellent variety of pottery,  jewelry, and, of course, tequila.  Another favorite is to take in the scenic route of Highway 66. From Highway 66 travelers can enjoy beautiful desert sunsets.

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