Alamos Sonora Mexico

Going on vacation to Alamos Sonora Mexico? Want to know about transport links, accommodation, eating and activities in Alamos? Our guide to Alamos Sonora has the information & facts you are looking for.

The city of Alamos is rich in scenic vistas, colonial architecture, fine dining, and attractions for the whole family. This region of Sonora Mexico enjoys mild temperatures year round.   The United Nations is considering proclaiming Alamos a “world heritage” site.

Alamos Sonora Transport

Alamos, Sonora Mexico is accessible by air, bus, and auto.  The nearest airport is Cindad Obegon (airport code CEN).  This airport is located  90 minutes away and taxis are available from the airport to the city center.  Tufesa Bus Lines run daily routes to Alamos from Phoenix, Tucson and Nogales. The fare is about $50.00 (US Dollars) one way. The town is located 475 miles south of Tucson, Arizona.  It takes 9 hours to drive by car.

Alamos Sonora Hotels

As a top tourist destination, Alamos, Sonora Mexico offers many fine hotels.  La Puerta Raja Inn is a fine bed & breakfast.  Each room has a private bath and fire place.  Excellent gourmet breakfasts and espresso are served daily.  La Puerta Raja Inn is located at Calle Galeana #46.  The Hotel Colonial is a small but elegant hotel located in the heart of Alamos.  There are 5 restaurants within a block of Hotel Colonial. For information contact the hotel at 647-428-1371.  The Casa de Los Tesares offers guests full service with a pool, bar and a restaurant.

Alamos Sonora Restaurants

No one will go hungry because Alamos, Sonora Mexico has something for every budget.  The El Mercado taco stand serves up traditional tacos and burritos at affordable prices.  El Mercado can be found in the main market across from Hameda.  Café del Sol is the local favorite for breakfast and lunch. At Café del Sol, everything is made from scratch. The service is fast and friendly. Charisma Restaurant and Lounge offers drinks and gourmet food.

Alamos Sonora Recreation Activities

No one gets bored in Alamos, Sonora Mexico.  Visitors are welcome to take a hike up Mount Alamos. Mount Alamos has an elevation of 6500 feet and winds through forests and rivers.  On Sundays, the local ranchers gather for a little informal competition in the form of unorganized horse racing.   Get back to nature and in touch with your spiritual side at the Dolphin Hear Seaside Camp. Here, visitors do yoga, participate in healing exercises, and swim with dolphins.  Those with an adventurous spirit should consider taking a motorcycle tour into the surrounding desert.

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