Elk Hunting New Mexico

Interested in Elk hunting in New Mexico? Want to know when & where to go Elk hunting in New Mexico? Our guide gives you the facts & information you’ll want to know.

Whether you are a seasoned hunter with years of experience or trying out hunting for the first time, Elk hunting in New Mexico is likely to provide you with an excellent experience that you can remember forever. New Mexico is one of the best states to go Elk hunting in. The numbers of elk living in the wild in New Mexico are substantial thanks to carefully planned population control and breeding programs carried out by the state authorities. This allows hunters to come to New Mexico and enjoy a great hunting experience while propping up the local economy.

Elk Hunting Techniques in New Mexico

There are many different ways of hunting Elk. Firstly, you can hunt with either a rifle or a bow and arrow. Depending on the specific area where you go Elk hunting there may be restrictions on the type of weapon you can use. There are also many different techniques used for Elk hunting. A popular method is the spot and stalk which means once you’ve caught sight of your target you then follow it quietly for a distance before finding a good spot from which to take your shot. Other hunting methods include calling the Elk with a bugle designed to mimic the sound of an Elk.

Elk hunting Grounds in New Mexico

New Mexico offers a wide range of places to go hunting from national parks to forests, private ranches and even old Indian reservations. The Gila National forest in New Mexico is one of the most popular elk hunting destinations in New Mexico with many outfitters operating out of there. Aside from Elk, there is a whole range of different game that can be hunted including deer and antelope. The scenery that New Mexico offers is also spectacular with lush and dense green forests interspersed with fresh water lakes and even mountains.

Elk Hunting Outfitters in New Mexico

If you are going Elk hunting in New Mexico it’s a good idea to hire the services of a guide, or outfitter as they are known. An outfitter can make all the difference in ensuring our hunt goes well. Outfitters know the terrain intimately ensuring you won’t get lost, and they also know where the best places to find the elk are. Hunting guides also know the rules and regulations of the state and can help you avoid doing anything that may get you in trouble. If you are a seasoned hunter the help they give you can be minimal but if you are just starting out with hunting an outfitter will gives you a lot of useful techniques and tips on how to hunt elk successfully.






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