Mexican Cruises From Miami

Looking for a Mexican cruise leaving from Miami? Read our guide for more facts and information…

There are many destinations from where Mexican cruises depart and Miami is one of them. It is one of the few US cities which have evolved in a short span of time. Going hundred years back the city did not attract people or any interest as the only medium to reach Miami was by boat. Since 1896 all this changed when the Florida east coast railroad was extended.

Miami, which sits on the Florida mainland, was a place where many people came to change their fate and become rich. The city has witnessed a massive increase in its tourist industry and has been influenced by the incoming Caribbean population whose culture has blended in the city.

Miami as a port

Those who cruise regularly know that Miami is a common departure point for many cruises. Miami is one of the world’s largest ports, used for debarkation, embarkation and as a port of call for many cruises.

It remains a busy port all year round which is why one can easily choose from the many packages offered by the cruise liners. Heading for short and long cruises alike is easy because of the popularity of the destination.

Cruises from Miami

The shorter cruises from Miami are more popular which head to Mexico. The cruise lands in Cozumel which is located on eastern Mexico. The city appeals to a wide array of tastes especially for those wishing to see the Mexican culture. They offer Mexican themed tourist attractions, traditional food and loads of entertainment.

Carnival offers three to four nights short and seven day long cruises from Miami. The Carnival Destiny leaves from Miami on a four day cruise to Cozumel, Mexico which stops at Key West for a short stay.

The ship offers larger rooms than any other boat as well as comedy shows, restaurants, swimming pools and much more. The Carnival destiny sails to Cozumel from Miami every two weeks and so booking will not be a problem.
Other cruise liners which sail from Miami are Crystal Cruises and Oceania Cruises.

The best part of Miami is that it itself is a great tourist spot and so offers something to suit every taste. Miami offers great food, shopping, water sports and tourist locations which include the traditional areas.

Miami has something for everyone whether you are a parent, senior, couple of travelling with kids. Therefore if you haven’t visited Miami before, then come a day earlier to explore the city before you head for your cruise to Mexico.

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