Mexican Zapotec Rugs

Zapotec rugs are amongst the most popular Mexican products available. Read our guide for more facts and information…

Zapotec rugs are hand crafted weaves which are world renowned due to their traditional craftsmanship. The rugs are made in the state of Oaxaca which lies in the south of Mexico.  They have their own distinct and classic style which comes in bright dye colours.

Oaxacan Craftsmanship

They are 100% wool rugs. The fibres found in the wool are carded and spun by hand. The lanolin, which is the wool’s fat is felted through fingers which creates strong, smooth and resistant threads.  Because Zapotec rugs are handmade, every piece is unique on its own.

Natural Dyes

The vivid colours used for the Zapotec rugs are the product of a special combination of dyes made from a variety of insects, plants and minerals. In the blend, an Indigo plant and the Cochineal bug is added which allows the rug to maintain its texture and color.

Decorative Options

The Mexican Zapotec rugs are the perfect accessory to add colour, elegance and vintage glamour to your homes. The rugs are available in many sizes, colours and designs. Furthermore they can be bought to be used as classic floor rugs and also make great rustic wall hangings.

You can easily buy high quality Mexican Zapotec rugs online. There are many retailers who get the rugs directly from small family weavers in Mexico. Choose the Mexican Zapotec rug which complement your rooms and add a touch of Southwest or Indian style in your homes.

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