Swiss sports guide: Scuba diving in Switzerland

Are you interested in doing some scuba diving or snorkelling in Switzerland? Want to know the best places to go scuba diving in Switzerland? Read our tips on finding good spots for scuba diving in Switzerland

Upon first glance Switzerland may not seem like a prime scuba diving destination with its cold European climate, Mountains and land locked borders. Switzerland is more known for its mountain hiking, cycling and skiing than its water sports. Switzerland does, however, have a number of large lakes which do provide some interesting options for scuba diving enthusiasts.

Different types of scuba diving in Switzerland

Switzerland offers two main options for scuba diving: scuba diving in lakes or scuba diving in rivers. Lake diving in Switzerland is the more popular of these two types of diving, especially in the bigger and deeper lakes in Switzerland, such as Lake Zurich and Lake Geneva.  The larger lakes in Switzerland are quite deep and some even have sheer face drops providing an excellent opportunity for some wall scuba diving.  Scuba diving in rivers is less popular in Switzerland than lake diving, although hardcore scuba diving enthusiasts in Switzerland will dive just about anywhere they can. Both types of scuba diving offer interesting things to see including different marine life and geological formations. There are even natural springs in Switzerland which are used for scuba diving.

Visibility for scuba diving in Switzerland

Visibility for scuba diving in Switzerland varies. Visibility for scuba diving in lakes ranges from 3-10 metres depending on season and conditions. Visibility in lakes improves with depth so if the water looks murky at this surface, this does not mean visibility will not be conducive to scuba diving at a depth of 10 metres. Water visibility for scuba diving in rivers can be as low as 2 metres when the water is murky, or as far as 30 metres which is excellent for scuba diving.

Water temperature for scuba diving in Switzerland

Water temperature for scuba diving in Switzerland depends largely on seasonal factors. Obviously water temperatures in Switzerland are lower during winter making scuba diving less attractive. This does not stop scuba diving enthusiasts from diving in winter as scuba divers simply wear dry suits to protect against the cold temperatures.  Generally water temperatures range from about 4C and can get to be as warm as 20C in Switzerland during summer.

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