Mexico Prescriptions

Thinking of buying your prescriptions in Mexico? Want to order cheap drugs from the pharmacies in Mexico? Our guide to medical prescriptions in Mexico gives you the facts & information you’ll want to know.

Many people may have seen stories on the TV about how people drive down to the border towns of Mexico and buy medical drugs in bulk without a prescription before driving back to the US where they will either use medicine themselves or re sell it at cheap prices.  Much has been made about how the fact that medicine in Mexico can be obtained without a prescription can be abused. Indeed, this is unfortunately often the case with many young college kids buying prescription drugs for recreational rather than medical use.

Nonetheless, as anybody who has had to suffer a serious long term illness requiring prescription drugs in the States will attest to, being sick in the US can be a depressingly expensive experience. Firstly, many people in the US do not even have medical insurance because they can’t afford it. God forbid if they get sick then they suddenly have to find a huge amount of extra income just to buy the necessary prescriptions to treat their conditions. Many people in the US who do have healthcare insurance are not covered by their policies for certain types of prescriptions which means they have to pay through the nose twice. In such cases, the fact that prescription drugs can be bought from Mexico at a fraction of the price it would cost in the US is something positive.

Prescriptions form Pharmacies in Mexico

Generally it is very easy to get prescription drugs from a pharmacy in Mexico and chances are you will not be asked to produce a prescription from a doctor. Pharmacies in Mexico are well stocked with all kinds of medical drugs and pretty much anything that can be bought in the US can also be found at pharmacies in Mexico as well. Prices or medical prescription drugs in Mexico are also significantly cheaper than medicine in the US. Sometimes you can make saving of 100% by buying your prescription medication in Mexico.

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