Tromsø, Norway

Star of the North...
Tromso, Norway
Photo by Sharonang

Boasting the liveliest nightlife in Norway, Tromsø is a small and spirited city set largely on an island close to the wild and savage nature of the polar region to the north.

Dominated by breathtaking snow-topped peaks and the starting point for many polar expeditions, the city enjoys a surprisingly pleasant climate and features round-the-clock activity during the almost perpetually bright days of summer. Offering a wide array of activities, Tromso is a city that never sleeps, with the most bars per capita in the country, and street entertainment and cultural events scheduled all year round.

Top Sights in Tromso

With many of its ancient wooden buildings lovingly restored, Tromso is a pretty little city with plenty to please the eye. Its two dominant buildings are the Tromsø Domkirke, a period church that is one of the largest wooden churches in Norway, and the truly unique Ishavskatedralen, a magnificent cathedral designed to reflect the beauty of the surrounding Arctic region. The cathedral has 11 spires designed to mirror glacial features and auroral features of the north.

Pay a visit to the interesting and well-conceived Tromsø Museum, which features educational and entertaining displays highlighting the beauty and variety of Arctic life as well as explaining the history of Tromsø and its surrounding regions.

Arrange a visit to the famous Mack Olbryggeri, one of the world’s most northerly breweries producing a fine array of dark and pale ales popular in the city itself. Sample the delights of the Northern Lights at the Northern Lights Planetarium, where you can enjoy a simulation and explanation of this beautiful and mysterious natural phenomenon.

Marvel at the architecturally innovative Polaria Museum, an exciting and entertaining museum of Arctic life the highlight of which is an amazing audiovisual presentation examining the delights of nearby Svalbard.

Take a cable car ride to the top of Mount Storsteinen whose often snow-capped peak boasts a network of highland hiking trails catering for every level. Before setting off, enjoy a meal at the mountaintop restaurant and savour the dramatic views of Tromsø below.

Breathe the fresh Artic air of this energetic, invigorating city. Enjoy a hearty meal at one of the cheerful restaurants. Take a ferry trip to some of the lovely little islands scattered around, particularly the artistic community at Karlsroy, one of Norway’s best-kept secrets. Enjoy the amazing views and hike around at your leisure. Refresh the body and mind in Tromso, Norway’s northern star.

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