Norway Maple Tree Seed Pods

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Reproduction is necessary to continue any species including plants. Some plants have both male and female reproductive systems while other plants, like Norway maple trees, come in male and female plants. In order for these trees to produce viable seeds, there must be a male tree to create pollen to fertilize female trees. The pollen may be transferred by insects, birds or even wind.

Male Norway Maple Trees

As a rule, most gardeners and landscapers prefer male Norway maples because female trees can be messy. The male trees are prodigious producers of pollen which may create problems for people with allergies. In the spring, the male tree has lots of pretty yellow blooms which produce tons of pollen in hopes of fertilizing a nearby female. Most landscapers prefer the pollen to the problems that can be created by female trees though people with allergies may not agree.

Female Norway Maple Trees

The female tree produces no pollen which is a relief to allergy sufferers, but they do produce seed pods. In fact they produce hundreds of seed pods that fall to the ground and create a mess. While cleaning up leaves in the fall creates work, the female Norway maple makes just as much of a mess in the late spring or early summer when the seed pods drop. Norway maples also root fairly easily, so lawn areas can be quickly covered with little baby maple trees.

Are Male or Female Trees Better?

While many people believe the male tree is not as messy or as much of a nuisance as the female tree, they may change their minds when their car is covered in what appears to be a dusting of yellow snow in the spring. Even for those with no allergies, the pollen can be every bit as annoying and nearly as messy as the seed pods. Trees are wonderful for their beauty, the shade they provide and their contribution to cleaning the air we breathe. Dealing with a bit of mess is not so bad when one considers what the tree offers to people. For those with allergies, a female tree is probably a better choice unless the neighbor has a male tree in his yard.

Norway maple tree seed pods may be a bit messy, but they are easily swept or raked away. While the pollen may produce some problems for allergy sufferers, it is only for about two weeks in the spring. The tree provides year round beauty, cooling shade in summer heat and oxygen to improve the air, so a bit of mess or inconvenience doesn’t seem to be a bad trade.

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