Norway Spruce Bareroot

Looking for Norway spruce bareroot seedlings? The Nowray spruce needs particular care when being transplanted bareroot. Read our guide for more facts & information…

Seedling trees are usually sold potted, with a root ball or bare root. Both potted and root ball seedlings have roots which are growing in soil which is shipped with the seedling. Bare root seedlings have no soil around their roots which saves on shipping weight, but these seedlings, especially evergreens like Norway Spruce, may not survive shipping and must be planted with extra care.

When to Plant Bare Root Trees

Deciduous bare root trees are dug during their dormant period in the late fall or early winter after their leaves have dropped. While Norway spruce bare root seedlings are also dug during the winter, evergreens are more active during winter months than deciduous trees which is why evergreen bare root seedlings often do not thrive. All bare root seedlings should be planted in late fall or early winter, but evergreen seedlings should be planted as soon as possible. It is especially important to provide sufficient water and nutrients to evergreen bare root seedlings.

How to Plant Bare Root Trees

When the seedlings are received, the roots should be checked for moisture. If they are dry, they should be moistened with a mister. Too much moisture may cause root rot, but roots should be kept damp until planting. It is necessary to dig a hole which is wider and deeper than the seedling’s roots and mix the soil with peat moss or mulch. If the soil is compact, mix in some perlite or humus to loosen it. If the bottom of the hole is clay or sticky, the hole should be deepened and a gravel bed added for drainage. Soak the roots in a bucket for no more than one hour and then place the tree in the hole and begin filling with soil.

Watering New Trees

When the hole is half full the tree may be watered and then the remaining soil should be used to fill the hole. Build a crown up around the tree trunk and dig a shallow ring near the edges of the roots. This will direct the water to the new root growth. Mulching will help the seedlings retain moisture during this critical rooting period. Evergreens like Norway spruce bare root seedlings should be watered every day for about two weeks.

Most nurseries recommend that Norway spruce trees be purchased with a root ball or in a pot for the best success. Since evergreens are not truly dormant during winter months, these trees are more likely to be stressed by transplanting. For the best chance of success with Norway spruce bare root seedlings, follow the directions carefully and make sure to watch the plant’s condition for the first several weeks.

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