Wedding Favors In South Africa

Looking for wedding favors in South Africa? Learn more about South African wedding favors for a unique wedding theme and ideas that will be memorable…

There are plenty of wedding favors available for selection in South Africa. The special collections include African traditional favors, bath and soap favors for women and men and different bubble bath and bottled favors. There are also options such as delectable chocolates or scented candles. A unique category focuses on edible favors and personalized favors. These can be packed in tins, glass or paper packing.

Bubble Bath and Soaps

When it comes to personal use gifts, it is a good idea to select uniquely themed soaps and bubble baths for a scented useable gift. These can be packed in recycled material and made to match the color themes of the wedding. There are amazing scents and packs available for both men and women or for a possibly easier option, a unisex scent can be chosen. The personalized tags can hold a thank you note by the bride and groom.

Chocolate Favors

Chocolate is versatile and delectable anytime. From small dollops of strawberry cream to thin wafers of mint or noir, the selection and options are almost endless. Pack them in paper, foil or tin to retain their freshness and shape — a unique favor is set to go.

Packaging can be themed and printed or stark plain in two contrasting colors. For an elegant option a tiffany theme can be created with white and silver mixed with pale blue. Ddie cuts can also be used for creating initials for the bride and groom, or a figurine. Pack them in cling film and tie off with a ribbon. The chocolates can be packed in colored foil wrapping to add a glittery touch and sparkle.

Edible Favors

Edible favors include cookies, mint bites, small cakes and mini fondues. These can be custom designed in initials of the bride and groom or they can be printed with the names using digital prints today. A heart shaped cookie with pink frosting and a thank you swirled on top is memorable and delectable!

Traditional African Favors

Use small wooden spoons, Masai figurines of men and women, or perhaps soap stone plates and pack them with a personal message. They will become a collector’s item in the homes of your local and international guests.

Packaging Material

Goodies can be managed in different packaging materials. Depending on the item, packs can be created out of tins, paper, custom wooden boxes or net pouches. The tins can be used again after washing out or the candles, if presented, can easily be melted in them and used as votives. The paper boxes are disposable and excellent for coins or soap packing. Foil is great to wrap chocolate, while traditional African favors can be packed in customized boxes made out of local wood.

Glass packing can include votives for candles, square pots for chocolates or small showcases for the African traditional items. The choice and combinations are amazing and many to consider and each wedding organizer can delve into items matching their budget or theme.

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