Annual Festivals in Spain

Do you want to see one of Spain’s many festivals while on holiday in Spain? Do you want to know when & where the best festivals in Spain are? Our guide to festivals in Spain gives you the facts and information you’ll want to know.

Spain has literally dozens of festivals that are celebrated annually. Some festivals are celebrated by the whole of Spain while the majority of festivals in Spain are celebrated locally. Nearly all festivals in Spain are religious in their origins although this doesn’t stop the festivals in Spain from being fun for all who participate.

Summer festivals in Spain

Festival of San Juan: this festival is celebrated all over the South of Spain commencing on the 24th June and includes the lighting of bonfires and fireworks.

Festival of San Fermin: This festival is celebrated in the North of Spain and is best known for the running of the bulls in Pamplona. This festival in Spain lasts for one week and commences on the 14th July.

Festival of Santiago: This festival commemorates St. James who is the national patron saint of Spain. Santiago in Spain is believed to be the place where the holy relics of St. James were found and Christian pilgrims have been making the pilgrimage of Camino de Santiago for centuries. Although this festival is commemorated all over Spain, it is best experienced in Santiago in the company of thousands of Christian pilgrims from all over the world.

The Tomato Festival: This is one of Spain’s most famous festivals and involves huge tomato throwing fights in the Spanish town of Bunol near Valencia

Autumn festivals in Spain

Festival of la Merca: This festival is celebrated in Barcelona in Spain in the last week of September and is supposed to mark the end of summer. The festival involves parades and carnivals with singing, dancing and music.

Winter festivals in Spain

There are relatively few festivals in Spain throughout the winter months, with the notable exception of La Carnaval which is celebrated across Spain in February.  The Festival is best known for the fancy dress costumes that participants in Spain wear.

Spring festivals in Spain

Festival of Las Fallas: This festival is celebrated in several cities and towns across Spain; however, the best place to experience this festival in Spain is the city of Valencia. The festival involves several nights of music, with drinking, dancing, feasting and fireworks lasting well into the early morning.

Festival of San Isidro: This festival is the primary annual festival of the capital city of Spain, Madrid. This festival occurs annually on the 15th of May and festivities of sorts continue for up to a month. This festival in Spain includes the usual parties with concerts and bullfighting as well.

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