Native American Indian Home Remedies

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Amongst the things that the Native Americans are renowned for are their home remedies. They had a unique medicine science and healing techniques and ceremonies that would seem strange to many. Nonetheless modern science has acknowledged some of the home remedies developed by the Native Americans.

Native American Home Remedy for Asthma

Respiratory problems were common amongst the Native Americans in some specific areas. They developed a unique home remedy using skunk cabbage for the treatment of this disease. In particular the Dakota and Winnebago tribes used to make use of skunk cabbage which would act as a stimulator for the removal of phlegm which causes asthma. From 1820 the rootstock was officially recognized by the U.S Pharmacopoeia.

Native American Home Remedy for Backaches

The Catawba Indians developed their own home remedy using Arnica for backaches. However medical science has tested the remedy to be dangerous if used in an unregulated manner. The Indians also made use of steeped Gentian roots which they would dip in hot water and then apply the hot liquid on the affected area. Crushed horsemint was another root that was used to treat back pain. However this was prepared in cold water and consumed orally.

Native American Home Remedy for Bronchitis

Amongst the things the Native Americans used to treat bronchitis with was Creosote bush. The leaves of this tea plant would help to cure the illness. Pleurisy root was also used to make a special tea that was effective in fighting off the causes of Bronchitis amongst other things. Another remedy based on using Wormwood was developed by the Yokia Indians. Like the above mentioned home remedies this too was to be consumed in the form of tea.

Native American Home Remedy for Burns

The Kiowa Indians are credited with developing a very effective home remedy for the treatment of burns. They would make use of yellow spined thistle blossoms which they would boil and apply the liquid to the burn sprayed areas.

Native American Home Remedy for Easing Childbirth

Although childbirth is not a disease the Native American Indians developed certain remedies that would help ease the process. The Cherokee people in particular used partridgeberry leaves to make tea. The tea would be consumed in frequent does when the time for delivery drew near. An infusion of Blue Cohosh in warm water was also consumed by the pregnant women to hasten the speed of the delivery.

The inner bark of wild black cherry was used to relieve pain during the process of delivery. The Cherokee people were very particular with using this remedy. On the other hand the Koasati tribes actually made a tea using the roots of cotton plant which helped to reduce the pain of delivery.

The Native Americans developed home made remedies for various other diseases such as cold, fever, cough, diabetes and diarrhea.

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