Famous Spanish Singers

Looking for famous Spanish singers of the past? Want to know who the top contemporary male & female Spanish singers are? Our guide gives you the facts & information you want to know.

Marc Anthony

Marc Anthony is one of the most famous current Spanish singers who has released several albums which have become hits in his native Spain. Heavily influenced by the salsa music he used to listen to while growing up, these same influences are still discernable in his music today. In fact, Marc Anthony is considered by many to be the reigning champion of the salsa music scene ever since releasing his first album Otra Nota in 1993. This was soon followed up by a second album which proved just as popular with the Spanish public in 1996. The album, Too a su Tiempo went straight to the top spot of the billboard latin charts where it remained for several weeks.

Marc Anthony is one of only a handful of singers who have crossed over from their native Spanish to sing in English and be successful at it. His first song in English was called ‘I need to know’ and proved to be very popular in the US, and since 1999 Anthony has gone on to sell over a million records in the English language market of North America.

Marc Anthony’s Spanish-language pop album, Amar sin mentiras shared a song set list with its salsa-flavored sister collection, Valió la pena. Both albums were released in 2004 and each reached the #1 spot on the Billboard Top Latin Albums chart. Amar sin mentiras won the 2005 Grammy Award for Latin Pop Album of the Year.

Iván Ferreiro

Iván Ferreiro is a famous Spanish singer born in Vigo Spain. He was the lead singer of the group Los Piratas before embarking on a solo career. After Los Piratas split up in 2003, Iván kept playing with his brother Amaro in a Pub in Vigo, called El Ensanche. These performances were very successful and this provided him with the impetus to try and make a go of a career as a solo Spanish singer. Although Ivan is not known outside of Spain, he is nonetheless a very famous Spanish singer who is well known not only in Spain but has also toured many countries in South America.

David Bisbal Ferre

David Bisbal Ferre is a famous Spanish singer from Andalucia in southern Spain. David is famous primarily in Spain although he also has many fans in Latin America and The United States. Like many recent stars in the English speaking world, David began on the road to becoming a famous Spanish singer by entering a singing competition on TV similar to the TV show American Idol, only in Spanish. Although he did not win that competition and came in second, he still won himself a record deal with a big label in Spain which allowed him to record his first album: “Corazón Latino” in 2002, which effectively blends together traditional Spanish musical influences such as Flamenco with a more contemporary pop flavor.

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