Fuerteventura Jeep Safari

Fuerteventura jeep safari is one of the simplest and safest means to explore the rich landscape of the region, comprising beaches, volcanoes and caves. Read our guide for more facts and information…

Fuerteventura is among the larger yet lesser known Canary Islands, situated in the Atlantic Ocean, close to the African Coast. Since recent years, it is gaining widespread popularity as a vacation spot due to its year-round sunny weather, exotic beaches and a myriad of vacation activities. Its rugged terrain and long beach offer lots of adventure and sports activities. Visitors can select from a range of tour operators, who have excellent performance records for arranging trips to Fuerteventura and organizing interesting activities.

Exploring Fuerteventura

It is wise to plan ahead of a holiday to Fuerteventura, in order to maximize the valuable holiday time and not miss out any interesting activity in the region. Going on a jeep is the most sought-after option to explore the island because of its rough terrain. The journey provides the necessary comfort and security along hiking trails and the landscapes left by volcanic lava. The Morros Bayuyo is an interesting hiking trail that traverses scenic villages. For instance, Villaverde is a village that houses the Casa de los Coroneles, a hub of cultural activities. In fact, the rough terrain only adds to the enthrallment of the experience. Taster Tour is a famous jeep safari that halts at the beach and several picturesque spots along the way.

Advantages of a jeep safari

A jeep safari tour is probably the safest way to explore the thrilling natural features of Fuerteventura. Experienced drivers are well-versed with the terrain leading to dried canyons, deserted areas and extinct volcanoes. Visitors can simply sit back and enjoy seeing the sights instead of making an anxious journey perturbed by the topography.  The adventurous lot can even drive the jeep themselves instead of hiring a jeep with a driver. As the safari stops at restaurants and other panoramic destinations, visitors can enjoy the local food or take along a packed lunch. It also offers excellent photographing opportunities.

Jeep safari routes

Tour operators organize jeep safaris through several interesting routes. The Cofete Route passes through some of the remote beaches of Cofete on the Atlantic side of the island. Despite the remoteness, the beauty of the beaches is mesmerizing and renders an unforgettable experience. The Route Artesanum passes through attractive natural surroundings and leads to the local exhibits consisting of handcrafted articles, such as lace and cheese. El Cotillo is renowned for its serene lagoons and beaches with small villages in the proximity.

Fuerteventura jeep safari is a fantastic experience around the scenic island filled with vivid activities. Tour operators are constantly improving the safari to enhance the sightseeing experience of visitors, whether it is stopping by a cove or taking a bite at a restaurant.

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