List of Spanish Speaking Countries

Need a list of Spanish speaking countries? Detailed below is a list of every Spanish speaking country and its capital…

A list of Spanish-speaking countries reveals the expanse of people speaking Spanish around the world. It is interesting to note that you can find the Spanish language thriving on five different continents in different cultures. Most of these Spanish speakers utilize the language as their native language and mother tongue.

You can comprehend the spread of this beautiful and musical language by going through the list of Spanish-speaking countries below. In fact with such a vast speaker base why not attempt to learn Spanish yourself? It is one of the fastest-growing languages in the world today.

List of Spanish Speaking Countries

When looking at Spanish-speaking countries in Europe you will find Spain the capital of which is Madrid. On the continent of Africa you’ll find Spanish spoken throughout Equatorial Guinea and its capital Malabo. In the North American region Mexico has native Spanish speakers and its capital city is Mexico.

In Central America the country of Guatemala has many Spanish speakers. The capital city of that country is Guatemala City. Central America has many other native Spanish-speaking countries where Spanish is the official language also. These include Honduras the capital of which is Tegucigalpa and El Salvador the capital of which is San Salvador, also Costa Rica with its capital city San Jose is a Spanish-speaking country and so is Nicaragua with its capital Managua and finally Panama with capital Panama City.

In the Caribbean region Cuba is known for its Latino population, which speaks Spanish. The capital of Cuba, which is very popular across the world for cigars, is known as Havana.

The other Caribbean countries which have Spanish as the official and native language include the Dominican Republic with its capital city of Santo Domingo serving as the main trade center. Puerto Rico and its capital San Juan also have many native Spanish speakers.

South America is not to be left behind regarding speakers of Spanish. Its countries include Venezuela and its capital Caracas, Colombia and its emerald city Bogotá along with Ecuador and its capital city Quito. The famed country of Peru with its capital city at Lima also boasts Spanish speakers in its midst along with Bolivia which has two capitals with La Paz serving as the administrative capital and Sucre serving as the constitutional capital.

This is followed by Spanish speaking Paraguay and its capital city Asunción and the world’s longest country Chile with its capital at Santiago. Other South American countries which fall in the list of Spanish-speaking countries include Argentina and the capital Buenos Aires and Uruguay with its capital Montevideo.

As a result you can see that there are more than 21 countries with millions of nationals who speak Spanish and utilize it as their official language. By learning Spanish yourself you may be on your way to becoming a globe trotter or a universal linguist and conversationalist. In the United States Spanish is the second largest language spoken by the native and non-native population.


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