Italian Coffee Brands

Want to know the best way to make Italian coffee? Find out about the best Italian coffee brands that can give you a true taste of Italy.

The Italian coffee phenomenon is quite ironic to say the least. Everybody knows Italy is famous for the different kinds of coffee drinks that have originated from the region but not many people know that Italy does not grow coffee by itself. The coffee house concept and their menus have however originated from Italy and are now spread throughout the world. If you want to make a cup of Italian style coffee then the best way to do that is to use an Italian coffee brand. It is only when you use an Italian coffee brand and the Italian coffee making technique that you will end up with the perfect Italian coffee cup.


Amongst the different coffee brands that have made it big from Italy is the company known as Illy. The company started functioning with Trieste as its base in Italy. It is known for its specialties in producing only one blend of coffee in three roast variations ranging from normal to dark roast and decaffeinated. You will be able to get their product as beans which you will have to ground or pre-ground coffee or even E.S.E pods.

The brand uses only Arabica beans to make its blends because it is considered to give a richer taste and has lower caffeine content when compared to Robusta beans. The founder of the company is not only credited with producing an excellent blend of coffee he is also known for inventing the first automatic coffee machine.


Another coffee brand that is considered to be Italy’s favorite coffee is Lavazza. The company exports its coffee from different regions throughout the world such as Brazil Columbia, Costa Rica, Honduras, Uganda, Indonesia and even Vietnam to name a few.

The company is also involved in an agriculture program in order to produce better quality coffee. In a report the company claimed that out of the 20 million coffee purchasing families in Italy 16 million of them go for Lavazza.

Today the company offers different products such as Top Class, Grand Espresso, Super Crema and Dek. The company is now experiencing unflinching success in the international arena as it has spread its wings over to Germany, Spain, France, United Kingdom, Austria, Portugal and now even India.

Segafredo Zanetti

Segafredo Zanetti is an Italian coffee brand founded by Massimo Zanetti. The company started off as an Italy based organization and soon took over the local market which paved the way for future success.

Today Segafredo is a coffee brand that has world wide recognition and has established itself as a leading coffee manufacturer in the international market. The company is now the leading Espresso producer in Italy and enjoys considerable success in the international market. Segafredo seeks to make the public familiar with the trademark taste and culture of the coffee.

These are amongst the leading Italian coffee brands which have contributed a great deal to making Italian coffee a house hold commodity all around the world.

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