Paradores in Spain

Want to learn more about Paradores in Spain? Read on for facts and info on the concept of Prador in Spain and find out about the leading Parador luxury accommodations…

Tourists to Spain have the opportunity to choose among a variety of accommodation choices. One of the most interesting vacation accommodation choices is the Spanish Paradore. This is basically a term used for luxury hotels that have been developed inside historical architectural structures such as palaces, castles, fortresses, monasteries, convents and other such buildings. Contemporary hotels that have been developed according to the architectural aesthetics employed in the construction of historic buildings are also included in this category.

You will be able to find this kind of accommodation in Spain all the way from Galicia in the Northwest region to the south of Spain through Catalunya and Andalusia. The Canadian islands as well as the North African Spanish cities, all have a fair share of Paradores available for rent.

Some of these luxury hotels are situated in spectacular locations. This gives you the opportunity to experience the classical architecture of the building itself while you get a chance to relish the beautiful natural environment of the region.

The Parodores in Spain are an ideal accommodation choice for those individuals looking to experience the traditional style of ancient Spain. Although you get to live inside these historical buildings you will find yourself well provided with all modern amenities that guarantee a pleasurable stay.

The Hotels that form part of the Parador Group were actually authorized by the state for the purpose of encouraging the tourism industry by providing unique and high quality accommodation choices to tourists. It was also a way to ensure the preservation and promotion of the national artistic heritage of Spain. As a result of this initiative many regions of Spain that lacked significant economic resources were able to develop themselves into progressive regions.

The Parador group is credited with taking this initiative along with providing high-quality services to their clientele. At the same time these luxury hotels are offered at very reasonable prices when compared to international standards. Keeping all these things in mind they serve as the ideal alternative accommodation choice for individuals making their way to Spain on vacation.

Popular Parador Hotels


Regarded as being a tranquil haven, this Parador is located in the heart of Andalusia.  Set amidst lush green gardens the site once belonged to King Fernando and served as a base for operations during the dramatic campaigns. It offers spacious and stylish accommodation to tourists at very affordable rates.


This luxury hotel provides a beautiful view over the port and Ria of Ferrol. The accommodation has been constructed out of a former manor house. In order to reflect the spirit of the port the hotel has been furnished with a naval theme.


The former manor house of Galicia has now been converted into a world-class hotel that provides a panoramic view over the estuary. The massive hotel occupies a strategic spot at the mouth of the Eo River. The Parador is renowned for the amazing views that it has to offer as well as the highest standard of service.


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