Skin-Cap from Spain

Want to buy Skin-Cap from Spain? Read our guide for facts and info on Skin-Cap products made in Spain and the controversy that surrounds it…

Skin-Cap is the name of a skin care product produced in Spain. It was developed to treat a wide variety of dermatological conditions with remarkable efficiency. However it has been subject to severe criticism with regard to certain side effects that it was reportedly causing in patients that were being treated with the cream.

The general assumption was that Skin-Cap contains unregulated corticosteroid which is where it gets its remarkable curing abilities. However the effect of the cream is usually short term and symptoms tend to recur once the product is discontinued. Despite extensive research not even a single study has been able to report on the amount of corticosteroids present in Skin-Cap. A few years ago there were a number of reports that suggested Skin-Cap from Spain contained this ingredient in huge quantities. However they have not been verified by any appropriate regulating body.

A number of reliable laboratories from the world over have conducted extensive analysis reports on skin care products. The Food and Drugs Administration was one of the regulatory bodies to conduct these tests. However none of these organizations have claimed to have found any trace of corticosteroids in the product.

Despite the fact that the product is widely being used in the market it is important to understand that it will not deliver desired results in all cases. Dermatological specialists do not use this product for severe conditions or hard to treat patients. Rather such patients are forwarded to the Advanced Alternatives Center for proper treatment.

The interruption of skin treatment with skin care products has not displayed any harmful side effects upon testing. In general corticoids tend to have some normal side effects. However even these side effects failed to appear in experimental cases that were treated using these products. While many people have discontinued the use of skin care products because of the hype and controversy surrounding its harmful side effects, some loyalists have been using the products for years and have perfectly healthy skin.

Among the skin diseases for which King Products are used is Psoriasis. Many patients were making use of these products before the controversy surrounding them made it into the headlines. Having experienced the positive effects of the product they consider themselves to be in a position to make their own decision regarding the safety of the product.

There has not been any official attempt to curb the use of Skin-Cap as there is no solid evidence on the basis of which to make this judgment. Hence the decision to use Skin-Cap currently lies with the patient and his particular skin doctor. Nonetheless it is advised not to base your decision on other’s opinions. Rather, interested individuals should look for the results of laboratory tests conducted on Skin-Cap products.

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