Spanish Gospel Music

Spanish Gospel Music

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Spanish Gospel Music is a creative way of expressing what is in the mind and emotions of the people who create it. An expression of passionate glorification and praise, as it is thought of these days, Spanish gospel music is now a successful musical genre across South and Central America, and to an ever increasing degree in the USA as well.

It is held that traditional non- Spanish gospel music finds its roots in the religiously motivated music fashioned by the African-American churches during the early decades of the 20th century. In the same way, the term gospel music has also been used to characterize the music of white Christian musicians in the USA, particularly in the south of the country. Most recently, however, we have seen the introduction of a new sub genre within the family of gospel music in which not only are the vocals sung in the Spanish language, but even the music contains many influences and nuances that are quintessentially Latin while still being 100% Christian.

The magnetism of Spanish gospel music lies in its charming and melodious rhythms which are distinctly Latin yet appreciable to all ears regardless of skin color and ethnic heritage. in the past, gospel music, in all languages was circulated for sale only on a regional basis because of the  restrictions in logistics and the dearth of international distribution networks. In modern times however, there is a great deal of demand for Spanish gospel music. This is best understood when seen within the light of globalization, the mass production of music and the cheaper availability of such music to the average person.

There are many people in Latin America with the spending power and faith who form a massive market for Spanish gospel music, and the fact that CD’s can be made in the millions and distributed internationally along already existing distribution networks makes it inevitable that there will be an explosion in Spanish gospel music. The increase in demand for Spanish gospel music is also understandable when taking into account the current racial make up of the USA.

Presently 12% of the United States’ population is Hispanic in roots which equals about 35 million Spanish speaking people. With such a great market for Spanish gospel music, producers in the music business have lately become more eager to spend on new singers of Spanish gospel music in the expectation that they become the next big star.

Owing to the fact that many Spanish gospel music singers have succeeded, Spanish and Latin recording labels have begun to vie with labels based in the US, producing many new albums and promoting new Spanish gospel singers on a regular basis.

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