Spanish Gypsy Designs

Want to create Spanish Gypsy designs? Learn how to stitch and create Spanish Gypsy design clothes at home…

If you know the basics of stitching you can actually use Spanish Gypsy designs to make beautiful clothes at home. Why not start off with the simple yet stunning Spanish gypsy shawl and over skirt?

You will require very few items: which include one chiffon skirt, wide row triangles of coins in gold color and two Spanish Gypsy shawls. The entire design takes you 30 minutes to sew up and you can wear it immediately.

Directions for Stitching The Spanish Gypsy Designs

Spread out one of the shawls in front of you and fold it in half lengthwise and then fold crosswise. On the double fold use a chalk to mark a 5 inch quarter circle on the corner. Cut through this line getting all the layers of fabric underneath. You will have a 44 inch opening after you make this cut.
This is the area that will sit on your hip and you can adjust the size depending on your requirements. Before you cut it you should measure out the size you want. The purpose of using this simple technique is that you can slip into the skirt as soon as you’re finished.

Casing of the Spanish Gypsy Design Skirt

Open up the shawl and you will see a large oval hole in the center. Using the 2 inch hem tape, open out a quarter fold of the hem tape and place it on the raw edge of the cutout and make sure the edge is even.

You should match the right side of the hem tape to the wrong side of the skirt. Starting from 1 inch of the end of the tape, stitch along the open fold of the tape. You should keep stitching all the way around the oval till you get to your starting point.

At the end you will see a nice 1/4 inch seam. Leave a one-inch extension and cut off the remaining hem tape. Fold crosswise the first tape extension right at the end and then cover it with a 1/4 inch folded edge.

You should now have the folded edge lined loosely over the seam. You will now need to stitch on the casing by affixing it to the edge of the quarter inch fold. Fold in the raw edge inside for a neat finish as you keep stitching and complete the casing.

Now cut out non-roll elastic to 25 inches and thread it inside the opening of the casing. This is the finished Spanish gypsy design over skirt. You’ll basically have a flowing chiffon skirt, which has a casing of the gypsy shawl and its fringes hanging down the top. Decorate the waist with the gold coin chain to give it an authentic gypsy feel. You can wear it with plain colored tank tops and twin sets for a wonderful evening out.


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