Spanish Immersion Schools

Interested in learning Spanish? Learning Spanish has been made easy through the method of immersion programs. Find out where and how you can get yourselves into a Spanish immersion school.

The best way to learn a language is to live it. This is the way in which a child picks up his mother tongue. A language immersion program revolves around the same concept where the student is put into a situation where he is not just learning the language through books rather he is living it. A Spanish immersion course will be taught only in Spanish. Speaking in any other language during the class is highly discouraged. Due to the immense popularity of Spanish as a language and immersion programs as the best method of learning the language many language schools have started offering immersion programs for the students. Nearly all of these schools will offer their students a chance to stay with a Spanish speaking family for the purpose of giving him firsthand experience.

Spanish immersion schools are not only the most effective means of learning the language, they can be extremely fun as well. You get to meet new people and make new friends plus you get a firsthand experience of a different culture. Almost all the Spanish speaking countries have loads of immersion schools which are open to foreign students. Spanish immersion schools are by no means restricted to Spanish countries as the USA itself has a number of such schools. The matter of choice rests upon the student who will have to consider the costs and his educational goals.

Where to study?

Guatemala is the ideal choice for people looking for the most cost effective Spanish immersion schools. If you are looking for a European ambiance then Spain is the number one choice along with some regions in Mexico and Argentina. Other interesting places to enroll you in a Spanish immersion school are Costa Rica and Ecuador with their rich natural heritage. El Salvador, Honduras and Columbia are amongst the other regions where an immersion school seeker will be able to find decent schools.

The nature of studying in an immersion school

An immersion program does not require hard core studying. This is because you are going to be living the Spanish language not just learning it. Hence people look for immersion schools in interesting places that will give them the chance to engage in exciting local events. Whether you like the mountains, the sea or the city life it is entirely up to you to choose the most appropriate place for joining an immersion school. Keep in mind that not all immersion schools will be giving you college credit hours. Plus some schools will train you for a specific purpose such as vocabulary for business or medicine.

Since most immersion schools are not like universities they are open for admission all year round. As it is each class consists of a small number of students so as to be able to give personal attention. Spanish immersion schools tend to be busiest around the summer holiday season. Eligibility is not such a big problem with immersion schools as they are almost always willing to accept anyone who is willing to learn. Minors will obviously need supervision of their elders.

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