French Drain Costs

Thinking about installing a French drain system? Want to know about prices and costs involved in with French Drains? Our guide to French drain costs gives you the facts & information you want to know.

Assessing the costs of installing a French drain system can be quite difficult because the precise cost depends of a few different factors. Although the parts needed to build a French drain system are quite simple and also relatively cheap, in order to make sure the French drain system is effective you rely have to appreciate the nature of the ground where you intend to lay the French drains.

Professional French Drain Costs

Installing a French Drain system is not a particularly sophisticated procedure and many people with the time available opt to do it themselves. This is a sure way to reduce the costs of installing the French drain system as if you hired professionals a large part of the costs would go on the labor involved which includes a lot of digging.
Provided you are willing to put the effort in and do a considerable amount of digging which is needed before laying the French drain system you can reduce your costs considerably.

On of the most important parts of installing a French drain system is identifying a suitable spot for the water to drain into. If you do not get this part right, the whole point of the French drain will be futile as the water will have nowhere to drain to. This difficulty can be overcome if there is a natural drain in the area; the main drain of the system could be laid to flow into this drain. This is possible if the tract of land involved is in an open area like in the country side. The locating of the outlet becomes more complicated if the land is surrounded by neighboring properties or when it is situated in a township as this will involve very careful planning. In this case the planning, design and construction of the French Drain System is best left to professional agencies.

French Drain Material Costs

The main costs involved in making a French drain come from the constituent parts which are basically gravel and fabric lining. In order to calculate the precise costs of your proposed French drain project you first need to draw plans of how long and deep your drain system is going to be. Then calculate how many bags of gravel you will need to fill the drains up and also how much fabric you should buy to cover the gravel.

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