Spanish Revival Floor Lamps

Looking for a unique Spanish revival floor lamp? Read on to discover the different styles of antique and re-crafted Spanish revival floor lamps…

Spanish revival floor lamps are available in different beautiful designs. The main style for originated in the early 1920s.

Spanish Revival Floor Lamps in Wrought Iron

With the base made out of a 1/8 inch plate of wrought iron and riveted on the legs this beautiful lamp features a wonderful base and just gets better as we move toward the top.

The pipes are hammered onto the base and the lantern is cut from a sheet of iron and then rolled to create the lampshade. The mica used to finish up the lamp shade shines a soft amber hue through it.

The height of the lamp is 57 inches and the lantern itself is 11 inches in height and 4 inches in width. The natural beeswax finish on the original color iron has been crafted by artisans and blacksmith who create iron work especially for mission style and Spanish homes.

Your drawing room will be beautifully illuminated in the light of an iron wrought floor lamp with a mica shade. This original lamp which is 64 inches tall and 16 inches wide has a few signs of wear and tear on the shade, but shows a normal patina overall.

You can find a pair of very rare handmade Spanish revival floor lamps crafted out of wrought iron. The hyde lamp gives them a feel of rustic authenticity.

Fancy Spanish Revival Floor Lamps

For a fancier option you can utilize a Spanish revival floor lamp with bronze detailing on the base and an original 1920s lampshade on top. This lamp comes with a galleon finial which measures 65″ height x 19″ width.

For a fancy Spanish revival lamp you can buy one with a tile inlay iron wrought frame and finished off with six lights on top for an iridescent glow.
If you fancy many small torches then why not go for a light torchiere suspended on a marble base? These six torches look like burning candles when you light them up on the brass frame.

At 67 inches of height and 14 inches of the base this beautiful light torchiere is the perfect complement to your formal furniture in a Spanish mission style revival home.
You might want to choose a spectacular bronze torchiere dating from the 1920′s Spanish revival styles. You can see the exquisite craftsmanship exemplified in this beautiful piece crafted out of both wrought iron and bronze. It is finished with polychrome details and has a torchiere which is 76 inches tall and 16 inches in width and features six torches on top to light up your room.

Bridge Lamp in the Spanish Revival Style

You can opt for beautiful bridge lamps which have original shades as well as iron wrought construction. It can come with a metal mesh shade or original metallic shades with a polychrome finish. The bronze leaf detail is complemented with a polychrome finish and open metallic and mica shade. If you acquire the bridge lamp with the gilded griffin details it will be finished off with a twisted blue stern. Further authentic hand-painted paper is used to make the 1920’s style Spanish revival floor lamp shade.

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