Fashion Shopping in Madrid

Are you looking forward to fashion shopping on your holiday to Madrid in Spain? Want to know where the best places for fashion shopping are in Madrid in Spain? Our guide to fashion shopping in Madrid provides you with the information you need to know

Although Madrid is the beating cultural heart of Spain and provides plenty of opportunities for self enrichment including museums and sightseeing, many poeple prefer to spend their holidays shopping for new clothes. If you are one such person then Madrid is definitely the place for you.The Best time to do your fashion shopping in Madrid, or anywhere else in Spain, is during the annual shopping sales. The summer shopping sales in Madrid and Spain start at the beginning of July and continue until August. The shopping sales in winter begin in the first week of January and go on until February.

Alternative Fashion Shopping

If you are in Madrid shopping for retro, slightly quirky and alternative fashion labels from small Madrid fashion designers then the best place for you is Chueca district of Madrid. Retro clothing shoppers from all over Madrid and Spain come to this area of Madrid to do their clothes shopping.  Chueca shopping district of Madrid is also well known for its high quality shoes usually produced using leather from Spain.

Spanish Fashion Brands

If you are interested in shopping for designer clothing labels from Spain the best part of Madrid for you to go shopping in is the Gran Via. The Gran Via and adjoining Calle de Sarrano  shopping streets of Madrid specialise in selling fashions designed and produced in Spain. While shopping in this part of Madrid you will notice that leather features heavily in the products on offer here. If you are shopping for a genuine leather wallet, hand bag or shoes then these are good places for you to look in Madrid.

Salamanca in Madrid

Salamanca is one of the most fashionable shopping districts in Madrid and Spain. This is the trendiest (and most expensive) place to do your shopping if you like international designer clothing labels and can afford them.  Also, if you are shopping for a painting from Madrid to decorate your living room back home, then this shopping district of Madrid has plenty of art galleries.

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