Spanish Wave Weave

Want to get the Spanish wave weave? Discover the pros and cons of the hair weaving technique known as the Spanish wave weave…

Most women want to have their hair fashioned with the Spanish wave weave for the summer. The idea is that it looks like a naturally styled hair style although it is chemically induced. It makes your hair look like it has curls and waves when it is wet and the hair quality looks great. It is considered wise to let the head rest by giving it one style.

Artificial Spanish Wave Weave

You can actually get pieces of hair ordered by different shops which are cut up and styled in this fashion. The beauty of this idea is that you can easily transform naturally curly hair into straight flatiron hair or blow-dried hair as well as curling it. This preserves your natural hair and gives it a rest.

Pros and Cons of the Spanish Wave Weave

Before you invest in this process you should get details as to whether you should spend money on a switch or get the procedure done on your own hair. Both options have their own pros and cons.

You can spend up to $200 or more to get your own natural hair woven in this way. However, a cheaper and safer alternative may be to purchase natural hair which has been styled in this manner.

When you get the switches you can wash them every day and you can curl them or straighten them as required. The advantage here is that you can get a longer length of hair for half the price of getting the process done on your own hair. Furthermore, by using artificial versions you can get different hair colors without destroying or damaging your own hair.

However you should be aware that if you get the Spanish wave weave on your own head and have your hair braided the tightness of the braids may cause more damage than the procedure itself.

Ready-Made Products for the Spanish Wave Weave

Some of the ready-made products for the Spanish wave weave include the Platinum Classic Silky Motown Tress Yaki weave which is approximately 10 inches in length and retails for $30. Similarly you can get the 18 inch Hollywood Italian Style Hi Yaki Permanent Bulk in special colors for the same price as well.

To keep your Spanish wave weaves in mint condition and flat iron it why not invest in a good quality flat iron? The FHI Heat Platform in a pink color is a 1 inch flat iron that produces good quality hair and retails for $150. To keep hair glossy and shiny you can invest in conditioners available for managing such hair.

For darker skin tones it is recommended that you go with the Indian hues to suit your skin tone and blend in with your natural hair color. One such product is the Remi Virgin Yaki which is available by Milky Way Saga and totals 12 inches of beautiful and silky Spanish wave weave switch.

Types of Spanish Wave Weaves

You can opt for tight curls, gentle waves that run horizontally across your hair or very deep waves which can go into 2 or 3 inches of depth in your hair. If you’re doing this on your own natural hair then it must be thick and glossy to start with.

A Spanish wave weave looks good on natural hair only when it is healthy and colored in deep tones. However, if you have light hair which you do not want to stress out then the best thing to do is to get the switches fashioned in that style.


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