Temperate Rainforest Spain

Want to learn more about temperate rainforest in Spain? Read on for facts and info on the characteristics of temperate rainforests found in Spain…

By virtue of definition a temperate rainforest consists of coniferous and broadleaf varieties of trees. They are found in regions that experience temperate climates and heavy rainfall.

A large portion of the globe is covered with temperate rainforests. Within Europe these types of forests can be seen from Norway to Spain. In western North America they are found in Alaska as well as central California. South America too has its own temperate rainforests in Southern Chile and Argentina. The continent of Oceania (Australia) and “neighboring” New Zealand also have part of their topography covered with temperate rainforests.

Spain’s temperate rainforest receives an annual precipitation of more than 1400 mm. The average temperature range for temperate rainforest is between 4 to 12 degrees. However this range is not maintained throughout the temperate forests of the world. There are various factors that influence the recorded precipitation such as the presence of fog. The general nature of temperate rainforests is such that almost 70% of the sky is blocked out because of the thick vegetation. The species of trees that survive in these rainforests do not stand in need of light for the purpose of regeneration. They can regenerate with seedlings under shade. The sunlight that reaches the ground through natural openings is sufficient for the trees to grow.

Characteristics of Temperate Rainforests

The bulk of the temperate rainforests situated across the world are located close to the ocean. The terrain usually consists of coastal mountains. Depending upon proximity to the ocean, temperate rainforests experienced mild winters and cool summers. The closer they are to the ocean the narrower the temperature range becomes. One of the unique characteristic of temperate rainforests is the presence of summer fog. This actually helps to keep the forests cool when the outside temperatures have reached their highest level. Furthermore it adds the necessary moisture to the environment which is necessary for the survival of the fauna and flora.

Forest fires are almost unheard of when it comes to temperate rainforests. This is largely due to the constant presence of high moisture content within such forests. The environment is also rich with a variety of epiphytes such as mosses. The higher the volume of rainfall and atmospheric moisture the larger the population of such epiphytes will be.

The vast majority of the rainforests around the world are predominantly coniferous. However some of them do have broadleaf deciduous and broadleaf evergreen varieties. In some cases you will also be able to find mixed forests that consist of a wide variety of trees that can thrive in such an environment.

Among the different kinds of rainforests the coniferous rainforests produce the highest level of biomass when compared to any other terrestrial ecosystem. The trees that are found in these temperate rainforests are of massive proportions. Among the largest varieties of trees found in Spain’s temperate rainforests are the Coast Douglas-fir, Redwood, Sitka Spruce, Taiwania, Kauri and Cedar.

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