Breckenridge Quarter Pipe

It would be difficult to find a snowboarder enthusiast who doesn’t know what a quarter pipe is. One of the most popular ramps is located at the Breckenridge Ski Resort. If you want to learn more information and facts about a snowboarder’s freeway terrain read our helpful guide.

A quarter pipe is a popular designed ramp used in extreme sports such as snowboarding or skateboarding. The structure or ramp resembles a quarter of the cross section of a pipe, hence the name. It consists of one end as a concave ramp with flat ground preceding it. Thrill seekers of all ages use this ramp to launch themselves into the air landing back on the ramp. While the snowboarder’s quarter pipe is constructed of packed mounds of snow, the skateboarder’s is typically constructed out of wood.

Popular destinations for snowboarders

One of the very first ski areas in the United States to accommodate snowboarders was Breckenridge. The most popular snowboarding park is located at the town’s Freeway Terrain Super Park.  It will celebrate its 30 year anniversary in 2014. Starting off with minimal rails and one quarter pipe, it now includes five terrain parks and four pipes used exclusively for snowboarders from all over the world. El DoradoTerrain Park is one of the newer additions to accommodate snowboarders. It offers rails, boxes, along with quarter and half pipes for anyone who dares to take on its slopes. Gold King Terrain Park also offers quarter pipes and is the perfect park to refine your snowboarding skills.

Quarter pipes without the snow

In addition to the quarter pipes constructed for snowboarders, Breckenridge also makes these pipes available to skateboarders as well. A popular destination for skateboarders to practice their quarter pipe skills is located at the Breckenridge State Park.The park, which is located outdoors at the Breckenridge Recreation Center, is known for its awesome design with a variety of shallow lines and refined transitions.  Its ‘street section’ is home to the park’s a 32 inch quarter pipe and rail. Admission is free at the park and open from dawn to dusk.

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