Swedish Rocking Chairs

Do you know that antique Swedish rocking chairs are also known as gungstol in Swedish? You can learn more about the history of the Swedish rocking chair if you read our guide for more facts and information…

According to American legend, the rocking chair was invented by Benjamin Franklin. Legend has it that he just took a regular chair and affixed a rocker under it.

It must be said that rocking chairs are usually seen as symbolic of relaxation and rest time. The concept of rest and relaxation is such an American paradigm, however, rocking chairs did not originate in America.

The history of the rocking chair is a little bit murky, to say the least. It is not clear as to where and when it was actually produced or invented. A lot of speculative talk pointed out that the origin of such furniture was conceived through or inspired by the cradle or the rocking horse. The primary use for these rocking chairs were for nursing mothers to comfort their babies to sleep.

According to written history, it was probably in the 1500′s when rocking chairs were first used. These rocking chairs were most probably homemade and not sold. However, it must be noted that in the early 1800′s, Swedish craftsmen started to produce Swedish rocking chairs branded as such and not some improvised contraption.

The design specification

The initial design of the Swedish rocking chairs in the early 1780′s were six-legged beauties that were made to support the large planks of the rocker. In the 1800′s, the six legs were then replaced by the more practical four-legged variation. Do not fret if you are someone who loves authenticity, the six-legged Swedish chairs are still available in stores today.
The six-legged rocking chairs mostly come in black with some gold splashed in. This is not the exclusive design, though, because there are other colors and design that you can choose from.

Where you can purchase

There are several online stores that you can purchase these elegant and carefully crafted Swedish rocking chairs. The online stores usually carry between 10 to 20 of them in stock. Most of these online stores claim that their antique rocking chairs were made in northern Sweden, handcrafted in the 1800′s.

Swedish rocking chairs are known for their beauty and quality. Though it is quite obsolete to be used as a rocker for nursing a baby, antique rocking chairs are still great as decorations. Rocking chairs are also great when you are reading or just relaxing in general.

Though there are no practical purpose for things like horse rockers and rocking chairs, they are still quite in demand. Rocking chairs are not just collectors items for parents or the elderly.

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